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45 TOPICS, 387 REPLIES Infernia Ridge
if i had a heart by Xerxes
Embedded into the mountains to the north the Infernia Ridge is a large jutting rock that forms a small plateau. Several rocky paths lead up to from the sides to the top where a medium sized cave provides a good pride den. Below the ridge is a small stream and a few trees, enough water and shade the pride requires.
16 TOPICS, 112 REPLIES Rsorvic Crater
got your scent by Jak
Created by an unknown impact, a crater has formed. But within the very heart of the devastation, a wild growth has grown. Providing the lions that call Rsorvic Crater, located in the foothills of the southern mountains, with ample shelter. Due to the formation of the crater itself any cresting the ridge may be seen as silhouettes against the sky-scape.
23 TOPICS, 169 REPLIES Zantera Falls
By no means a genius by Reed
To the far eastern reaches of Valoria is the falls of Zantera. Multiple small streams cut through the rocky pridelands creating small waterfalls and pools of fresh water everywhere. Patches of jungle are scattered between these rock and water divides giving the inhabitants of Zantera plenty of shade as well as several small caverns.
51 TOPICS, 446 REPLIES Askath Jungle
Knock Knock by Monsoon
Surrounded by the river and swamp the Askath Jungle is never short on water. Tropical trees grow tall covering the entire territory with a large green canopy all year round. Within the jungle there are several small clearings allowing light to reach the ground and plenty of small streams running through.
32 TOPICS, 254 REPLIES Casinira Plateau
Phasmophobia by Indira
Rising high above the rest of the valley, the open woodlands of Casinira have become the chosen home to a pride of lions. Bisecting the standing of trees flows a creek that provides the essential nutrients to both flora and fauna. While the trees provide shelter, the occasional cave can also be found hidden amongst the roots and branches.
15 TOPICS, 133 REPLIES Ekacia Coast
ashes fall like snow by Hecuba
Nestled against the mountain that was once the Volcano, Ekacia is a lush little inlet with fresh water provided by the emergence of an underground river meeting the sea. There is plenty of vegetation and rock formations for dens and if the inhabitants don't have a taste for seafood the grasslands can provide the more usual diet.

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