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8 TOPICS, 62 REPLIES Hillside
Friend or foe? by Manes
Overlooking the west side of the Stone Circle, the hillside provides a spot of shade from which to watch the challenges carried out on the floor below. A single Apple Thorn Acacia tree provides shade and shelter from the heat to the spectators. The hill provides a perfect position to see everything that goes on in the fights.
20 TOPICS, 112 REPLIES Spectra's Tree
It’s all fine by Varius
Settled to the north of the Stone Circle a single lone tree stands tall, towering over the stunted scrublands and wastelands to the west. Taking its strength from the nearby river, the tree rises easily over twenty five meters tall, the branches spreading a considerable distance to provide shade and refuge.
12 TOPICS, 49 REPLIES Fissure
while there's still somet... by Liria
Extending from the base of Infernia ridge to the river south of the Stone Circle, the fissure creates a convenient place to dispose of the losing challengers. The base of the fissure is covered in greenery - hardy plants that can survive with little water. There is some moisture in the fissure thanks in part to a finger of river that dribbles into its depths.

Stone Circle
keep your chin down by Cye
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Last Post by Vermier on Yesterday, 08:43 PM
spar, aw
  steppin up by Lucille
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aj lady challenge
take what is not given by Seraphiel
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(Pages: 1 2 ) EC Duke
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IR marchioness challenge
  hello, i would like that please by Aarani
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AJ duchess challenge
  Diglett used Scratch! by Vermier
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Setare/mishio ir rank
Blood on your claws by Belial
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  Fire Breath by Cassandra
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Cub Spar
KILLER, by Israel
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@ shark!
  new beginnings by Rós
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(Pages: 1 2 ) ir marquis challenge
shoulda watched your six by Cye
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(Pages: 1 2 3 4 ... 12 ) RC CHALLENGE
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(Pages: 1 2 3 ) IR lady challenge
of Fur and Blood by Belial
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Terror in the Night by Belial
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Show me your moves by Belial
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  random acts of violence by Lucille
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  BLACK WIDOW by Genya
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(Pages: 1 2 ) daddy israel
  animal tracks by Laurène
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For Cye
d-duke it out! by Bronx
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aw, spar
[Furia] Fueled By Comeuppance by Jason
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Last Post by Retnuh on 10-18-2020, 04:10 PM
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