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4 TOPICS, 21 REPLIES Crystal Chamber
i'm swimming in the smoke... by Aarani
Sheltered within the confines of the caverns, one stands out in particular as magnificent above all else. The crystal chamber seems to glow with the single shaft of light that pierces the roof of this cavern. The light reflects off of the thousands of different crystals, casting light in both beautiful and eerie ways.
4 TOPICS, 27 REPLIES Underground Lake
i've been thinking of end... by Clementine
Fed by the moisture above the caverns, the underground lake has become something of a novel discovery in the darkened depths. The high, vaulted ceiling makes the already vast lake seem gargantuan in comparison, the water creating odd but interesting ripple shapes along the rocky ceiling.
2 TOPICS, 2 REPLIES The Rookery
birds of a feather by Aarani
Should one find the correct path, they will find the trek a long and tiring toil upwards for miles. At the end of the pathway, the caverns opens up into a large mouth with a lip towering high above the valley of Valoria. Thousands upon thousands of birds fly in and out of what is known as the Rookery.

  women's talk by Lucilla
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to the batcave!! by Dero
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