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9 TOPICS, 54 REPLIES Stepping Stones
A rare species by Garuda
Creating a pathway, if not somewhat slippery across the river at it's widest point. The water here rushes its fastest, creating a small rapids like gully down the river. The stepping stones are all different shapes and sizes imaginable, some rough, smooth, green of moss, or reddish, or brown.. some even a dark grey almost black.
14 TOPICS, 84 REPLIES River End
I do it for the GLORY by Amara
The river comes to an end in a small lake, the water seeming to go nowhere but into the puddle of water before it branches off somewhere else down the line. This end has grown taller grasses of something akin to 'cattail'. It has become a favored 'alternate' water source on this end of the valley.
you and i by Actaeon
The creek is an odd winding pathway of water that peels off from the river to feed the sparser area's of Dakori Green, the base of Indernia Ridge and just shy of the scrub lands. The creek is nothing spectacular, it's neither large or fast moving.. but it does carry some unknown treasures from the larger river that feeds it.

let's go by Drakon
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  Mud: Good for Complexion by Belial
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any welcome~
on my honor by Corinna
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furry dipping by Maia
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  shortly lived rain by Zhen
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  just around the riverbend by Dero
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