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2 TOPICS, 17 REPLIES Southern Peaks
satans little hooved mons... by Bronx
No matter the time of day, the Southern Peaks are always under sunlight of some kind, be it on their east or their west side. The peaks separate the valley from the rest of the mountains surrounding it. To one who is interested in attempting to traverse the peaks, it's near impossible to climb to such heights.
3 TOPICS, 11 REPLIES Rock Slopes
born ready by Dante
Tall, spindly trees are the only things that hold the soil on the slopes from eroding and dumping tons of rock to the ground below. Traverse the slopes carefully as the footing is likely to change at even the slightest shift of weight. Cascades of rock falls are not uncommon here and could crush the unsuspecting lion or other animal without warning.
12 TOPICS, 111 REPLIES Hot Springs
I'm sorry if I dragged yo... by Artyom
A soothing temperature of one hundred and fifty degrees makes the hot springs a natural place for sore bodies to bathe or relax. Be careful should one choose to bathe in these waters as lions are not the only ones to take advantage of the warmth. Baboons have been known to frequent the springs as well.

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