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10 TOPICS, 50 REPLIES Treeline
Karma, Karma, Karma Chame... by Drakon
Separating the savanna grasses from the murky swamps, the treeline starts off as rows of Acacia trees. The trees provide both foraging and protection for the herd animals to take refuge from the heat. On the eastern edge, the trees slowly begin getting overtaken by vines and swampy lands - providing a transition from Savannah to swamplands.
9 TOPICS, 49 REPLIES Wastelands
{{ demons calling }} by Navarro
Lacking in water from both rivers and rain, the wastelands is a vast open area with little in the way of protection from the roasting sun. Should an unfortunate soul find themselves lost in the dry, dusty landscape their chances of survival drop drastically with each passing day without water.
10 TOPICS, 78 REPLIES Watering Hole
Come Here Often? by Garuda
One of the only places with water year 'round, the watering hole could be called the Heart of Valoria. With its water supply even in the driest of seasons, this locale has become something of a meeting place to share in news and gossip alike. Predators seeking an easy meal often hide amongst the tall grasses often making drinking a danger.

Savanna Plains
  Honeysuckle Memories by Affrini
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To eat the world's due, by the grave and thee. by Luxe
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  chiming away by Neptune
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  no rest for the weary by Faelyn
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  starving serpents by Draco
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