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8 TOPICS, 52 REPLIES Grassland
Midnight Miandering by Kyuubi
Nestled under the south-west of Sierra Towers lay the grasslands. Yellowed, dry grass grows nearly impossibly high, sheltered from the wind by the looming mountains. In some areas, the grass is so tall that only the impossibly long legs of a giraffe can be seen above it. It is easy to become disoriented and lost. Though some areas are nearly impossible to hunt it, As the grasslands stretches toward the coast, the grass becomes shorter and more manageable and this is were prey has made itself vulnerable.
1 TOPICS, 1 REPLIES Widow’s Peaks
adventuring upwards by Nazare
At the farthest western edge of the towers the tallest point is aptly named. The path to the point is treacherous but the reward is great; the bravest of adventurers will be granted an uninterrupted view of Valoria on a rocky but flat plateau. Lions beware of the edge, it is a long way down.
22 TOPICS, 129 REPLIES Woodland
Silent Fear by Seppion
On the south side of Askath, beginning at the River’s end and traveling south is the Woodland. The trees are young, most of the large and ancient trees field during the earthquakes and the eruption of the volcano, but grow steady and offer places to hunt and a safe haven from the heat of the sun. The grass is fed by the river and is soft and lush under paws. On either side the trees begin to thin and become the plains to the west and the grasslands in the east.

Naiden Towers
  Aquila non capit muscas by Caligula
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call it what you will by Daichi
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Character roulette
prunes, craisins, raven and rot by Fhtagn
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the devil's show by Raum
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