Welcome to Valoria


Welcome to Valoria!

We are so happy that you have stopped by and hope that you wish to stay! We know there is a lot to read but it helps the site run smoothly. It is best to go in the order shown below to best know how to make your account and to get started playing with us here on Valoria. If you have any questions, please reach out to a staff member.

  1. About Valoria
  2. Rules
  3. Registration
  4. Map of Valoria
  5. Character Creation
  6. Player Versus Player Descriptions
  7. Trade System
  8. Plant Guide
  9. Pride Life & Pride Claiming
  10. Fight System
  11. Maims
  12. Hunting Systems
  13. Achievement Awards
  14. Reproduction of Characters
  15. The After Life
  16. FAQ
  17. Staff


— Valoria was founded by and is owned by DEBAIN.
— Valoria is run by WINTER and NAYA. With help from ICE.
— All rights to characters are owned by their PLAYERS.

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