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07-26-2020, 07:51 PM

Welcome to the New Site!

So, lots to go over but first BIG thank you to Kymm and Naya who worked really hard to get us this skin! If you notice any little bugs or issues, please bring them to Naya.

We know there is a lot of information here, please read it all. We have made a number of changes and added a number of things. We do not want you to be confused or miss out on anything!

A note for mobile users

We know that the site isn't the best on mobile, this is at the top of our to-do list. We did not want to continue holding the move up when everything else was ready to go. While it may not look pretty, it is usable and we hope that you can hang in there until we can get a better-looking mobile version running. You can also view it in desktop view on your phone. That does help some.

Take a look at the garden

→ The items at the top do have info when you hover, if you are mobile they go in this order.
Back to top!
Site-Wide News
IC Info
Member list
Recent posts
Lonely threads
→ Your navigation links are to the right top.
→ Prides are in your sidebar under Kingdoms of Valoria.
→ Attached accounts, user panel, direct access to edit your profile, mailbox, thread log, and alerts are in your sidebar.

Housewarming Gifts!

→ We have a new pelt color! Slate!

→ Prices have changed a little as well. We hope that you enjoy the new color and new prices.

→ We have a new size, Colossal! You can only get this new size through a rolled litter. There is a chance for it (1d5) and will only come from a large to large mating.

50 Cent Tour

→ The guidebook has been heavily changed and updated. PLEASE READ EACH PAGE! If you happen to notice anything that seemed strange, please let us know. Thank you to everyone who helped Ice get them done.

→ Naya worked out the ranges for each color to help you better understand what color is what, check it out!

→ With the help of members, Ice put together a list of free lineart! If you have some that are not listed, please feel free to share! Check them out!

→ New for post logs, a free to use tracker template.

→ We now allow you to advertise yourself. Please read the rules for it and if it becomes abused or misused, we will remove it.

→ Kymm put together a how-to for customizing your profile area.

New things!

→ What we decided to do about the word count - While the site has no strict word count minimum we ask that you attempt to make your posts at least 100 words long.

→ We have added a sexuality section to the profile.

→ Weather is located in the IC news area.

→ We will now have a Legacy Total for points in your profile. This will be added to and points will not be taken away from that number. This will help you (and us) have a better idea of where you stand with your points overall. This number has to be manually updated so it will only be updated when you ask to have points added to your account. Please DO NOT post asking to have the legacy points updated on their own. You must be adding to your points log.

→ You are now able to buy a +1 cub to rolled cubs for 400 points. You can buy as many as you would like, however you can only use 1 +1s in a litter, no matter where they come from (gift or bought).

→ We have a Trigger Warning thread tag now and a Hunt tag .

→ If inactive (marked or unmarked) you will need to make an additional 25 posts before breeding once reactivated. (So if you have 100+ posts and you come back from being inactive, you need to make 25 posts prior to a breeding thread. If you come back and are under 100 posts, you need to reach 100 posts. If you reach the 25 posts before you reach 100 posts you do not need to worry about it further. If you reach 100 posts but have not reached the 25 posts since being back, you will still need to reach the 25 posts mark before being able to make a breeding thread.)

→ Guidelines for NPCs are listed in the rules.

→ Threads used in cub requests need to be less than one OOC year old.

→ Hunts now have the ability to have a second prey animal added to the hunt.

→ Mutations that are allowed and not allowed are now listed in the guidebook.

→ Creature characters can use the trade system but are limited to Huntsman, Cleric, Healer, Informant. Within those trades, creatures can claim exp. This is a moving forward addition to the site, meaning no exp can be claimed from the old site.

Prey Account request thread is where all hunt requests will need to be posted moving forward.

Changes from the last site.

→ Cub requests will now need breeding passes from both parents. Everyone will be starting with 4 breeding passes from this point and they will be replaced with 4 new ones at the start of each new OOC year.

→ There is now a full maim page to outline how maims work.

→ Grey eyes are now silver eyes, they can still be called grey ICly if you would like.

→ You can now pick Multiple eye colors! Hold control/command and select Partial or Full Heterochromia, and then the two or more eye colors! This may not work on phones, if you are unable to set this up, staff can help you but please try first.

→ We decided to change the word "class" to "trade" for the class system. So you now have trades vs classes. Nothing else about it has changed.

→ We have a working Thread Log and easy access!

→ We have a tagging system on the site now! To use it type @name and it will send an alert to them.

→ We removed public maims. There is now only private maims.

Random things to know

→ Threads for cubs requests will be allowed to be pulled from the old site until October 1, 2020.

We have awards!

Our awards are up and running on this site. Yay! We will be allowing you to claim your awards from the old site. You will still need to provide proof from the old site in order to get these awards. If you had awards on the old site(famine, lost lover, etc), please add those when you join this site so they can get added to your profile right away. Sorry to those who had old pride awards, those are not being transferred over.

You will have until the end of 2020 to claim theses.

Pride Leaders

→ Please take a close look at the coding of your pride pages and history areas.
→ Please take a look at the Pride leadership forum and go through each item there to make sure that you understand everything.
→ Please look at the new table coding closely.
→ Please only add accounts as they have been accepted, so please pay attention to the joining board. Staff will try to tag you as they can.
→ Please refer to the discord channel for other things that have been talked about.
→ Remember you have until Aug 25th to get your post and pride page reqs up to speed.

Next Steps

Now that you have gotten through all of the changes and new things, I am sure you are wondering what your next steps should be.
1. Make your OOC account here and have that be accepted, once it is accepted here, you will not be able to claim any OOC points on your account from the old site. Please finish gathering those points first. On the old site, your OOC account will be the last one moved over so you are able to post in the OOC areas to claim IC points and Class Exp. If you have a studio, you need to request those points on the old site first.
2. Finish up on the old site and post your exiting forum.
3. Come here and make your accounts for those you are exiting.
4. Once your exiting forum has been approved, you can post in the entering board here. Please do not post your entering forum before your exiting forum has been approved.
5. Once you have been accepted, start posting!

Welcome Home!

We are very happy that you all have moved with us and that you made the best out of the old site. The Valorian community is amazing and one of a kind. We can not wait to see what awaits this new site and how the community will continue to grow. We have a number of things planned for the next few months but we want to let you get settled with the changes and new things that we have offered above. We know you may have questions, please drop them in the suggestion board on discord and we will get them answered.

Welcome home, friends!

- Valoria Staff
Please tag a staff member if you are in need of something, it will be handled faster that way. PM this account with herb suggestion, problems, and from the 911 account.
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07-28-2020, 05:45 PM

Answering your Questions!

Do Advent and other gifts carry over?
A: Yep!

What markings go in the "number of markings" profile spot?
A: Anything that is considered a paid marking, even if you got it from a gift.

Can I refund a character on the old site and bring it here as a cub?
A: If it is able to be refunded on the old site, yes you can. This does not include born on site cubs.

How will games be done?
A: You are welcome to enter any of the games but only posts and threads on this site will count. So if you sign up for WF, only posts on this site will count. We will not tally from the old site.

If I want to bring in someone new in now, can I?
A: Yes...ish. Just make sure that you are using the correct form. Do not mark it as moving or using the moving form. That is very important. Also, our focus will be moving old accounts first. So your new account may have to wait a little longer. If you are using points for the new account, please wait until the account(s) you are using points from has been moved here first.

Aug 1 adds
Markings on creatures.
Their global marking would count as one in the markings menu.

Im really confused about the account moving, help!
Old site:
- Post your IC accounts in the Exiting board as you have them updated and ready to go. Do this for each one.
- Do not post to exit your OOC account until all of your IC accounts have been posted AND processed.

New site:
- Post your Moving thread for your OOC account FIRST.
- Once you have posted your OOC account's moving thread, you can start applying with your IC accounts that you have posted with in the exiting board.

Please do not post "place holders" threads on the new site, only post when you have ALL the information needed.
Please wait till after being accepted to make any changes to your accounts. Staff tracks a number of things and our movers are not able to access those things. The only changes allowed at the time of applying is inactive to rouge.

I signed up for WF but forgot to wait to claim those points and moved first, what should I do?
Claim the points on the old site ASAP!
Please edit your moving thread to show clearly that you are now waiting on points on the old site.
If your exiting thread has not been accepted, please edit that thread to show that you are waiting on points.
For the most part, staff items come first and the Hanneth posts for AJ members. If it has been more than 3 days that I have not replied to your thread, please poke me in Discord! It is ok to poke me! Sometimes I forget or get caught up in something for staff and need to be reminded to reply.
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07-31-2020, 12:35 PM

More Updates!

We are still tweaking things here and there so those things will be listed here.

→ How to get a refund after a DM is now fully spelled out in the fight guide.
→ ALL hunts will need to have age and huntsman level listed. This is for any hunt that you want rolled, without that information, that lion will not be counted.
→ Official outlaw bands will be allowed to use pride perks for the hunt tiers and the trade perks.

Please check back. Any changes prior to Aug 1 will be placed here.
For the most part, staff items come first and the Hanneth posts for AJ members. If it has been more than 3 days that I have not replied to your thread, please poke me in Discord! It is ok to poke me! Sometimes I forget or get caught up in something for staff and need to be reminded to reply.

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