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09-18-2020, 08:54 PM
COPREE: Ears flat against her crown the jungle shadow paced a short distance, back and forth, back and forth, a tight ovular path about fifteen feet in length. The recent events surrounding Sarthak and Drakon had left Copree dangerously unbalanced. And that instability was not leveling out despite her efforts to drag emotion back under control. This left her with only one reasonable and responsible option. As she paced Copree chuffed for Hanneth.

HANNETH: The Queen's thoughts had been heavy with the possibility that the Jungle was going to be pulled into something. It wasn't something she wanted. While she didn't know Sar very well on a personal level, she did know Cali and didn't want anything to come back on him or the cubs that she loved as her own as well. She couldn't handle another cub being killed on her watch, even if the cubs were in the Crater she still felt as though she was responsible for them. Her head lifted as Copree called for her and Hanneth trotted to find the heiress, it was clear that she was in her own set of worries. Hanneth frowned and walked to her side and offered her a gentle rub against her side.

COPREE: The surge of affection she felt as Hanneth approached and rubbed gently against her side stood at stark contrast to the chaotic and darkly swirling emotions that drowned her core in shadow. It was an almost raw, ragged brief purr she managed as all movement halted before Copree's silken voice softly slipped free. "Hello Hanneth." there is a pause "I think..no....I need to get away for a while. Travel outside Valoria for a bit. Before I do something....permanent." her tone was soft but laced with more emotion that usually showed when the shadow speaks.

HANNETH: The purr was returned gently as she enjoyed the brief moment of calm the contact brought her. It was like a break in the waves of worry. She sighed softly as she looked into Copree's fire eyes as she started talking. Leave? She took a few steps back so she could look at her better. "Why?" Hanneth's voice held all of her concern and worry that came with the thought of her friend leaving her. Copree had been apart of her life for so long, Hanneth thought for sure they would always be together and would always be there for each other.

COPREE: "Sarthak's Stupidity." her swift response was honest, intense, and hissed slightly. "Has inspired that instability I mentioned before. And I am having trouble controlling it. I need a break...some time away...to...compose." to get back in touch with her 'center' and find that control that was so valuable and so necessary in her life. "It won't be permanent. For a few months, then I will return." flame hued gaze softens slightly as her gaze seems to focus in on Hanneth now instead of staring off at some distant point acidly.

HANNETH: A low growl left her lips as she learned that Sarthak was taking yet another thing away from her. Her peace. Possibly her Uncle. The safety of the cubs and now Copree. Hanneth listened but the words didn't sink in all the way as to why she was leaving, she was still trying to get the fact that she was through her mind. A few months, that seemed like it would be forever. "What about the cubs?" What would be done with them? What if Sarthak went mad and tried to hurt them?

COPREE: Oh she could definitely empathize with the growl that left Hanneth. The feeling the mutual for certain. "I am taking any who wish to go with me along, those who do not I am hoping will stay here with you and Dero for protection. They are nearing a year old, so it is something they need a say in as well." because at that age it was almost impossible to force a youth to stay in anyplace.

HANNETH: She looked at her friend, studying every detail of her face as her eyes filled with tears. Copree had a plan, this didn't seem like she had just decided it before she called for her. "Of course. They will always be welcome here. You know that." Her voice was strained as she looked at her and tried to think of a way to get her to stay. If the cubs wouldn't be the reason, maybe... Reti. She knew he wanted to tell her but he would understand right? She was desperate to try and get her to stay. "Copree... he wanted to tell you himself but Hunter is here. He came back as Reti." That would do it right? Knowing her dad was here, in the flesh would be enough to get Copree to stay and not want to leave. She could lean on him to help her through what she was struggling with. Right?

COPREE: It certainly did not make things easer to see the tears in Hanneth's face, and only the knowledge she would cause so much more suffering if she stayed helped keep Copree focused. She is...knocked of balance a bit as Hanneth admitted a secret. Her...father...was Reti. After a moments silence Copree burst out laughing, and it took a couple seconds to regain composure. "That's perfect. I can trust him to help watch them then. And I will give him hell when I return." She took a deep breath and sought to press her forhead against Hanneth for a couple seconds - "I promise to return as soon as I can. I am not leaving you...think of it as... me just taking one really long afternoon off. I'll be back soon. You are my family too. Please let Dero know alright? Be safe. Be healthy. Try to be happy." its just a vacation. Just a trip. "I will rejoin Askath when I return." This was her official request for a release as well. It will be alright. Pulling back with a smile Copree. "I will see you soon Hanneth." with one more smile she turned and slipped from the Jungle, off to get some much needed semi-solitude and time to focus.
- Exit Copree -

HANNETH: Hanneth had hoped that Copree would change her mind. That she would stay to spend time with him but her laughter at it all told her that wasn't the case and Hanneth felt like her world had come to a sudden and complete halt. Nothing seemed right anymore. Copree pressed against her and Hanneth had to fight back the urge to wrap her in a hug and never let her go. She pressed back and didn't attempt to hold back the tears in her eyes as she tried to come to terms with her best friend leaving. She managed a slow nod to everything that was being said. "Please be careful. I need you." She released her into the world setting them apart for the first time in years. Hanneth was in no way ready for this, she had so much she wanted to say to her. "Thank you for everything." For saving her life, trusting her, befriending her, teaching her, being there through so much, for being her family, and so much more. She managed the smallest smile back at her before she watched Copree walk away. Hanneth prayed it would not be the last time, that she would indeed see her again. She managed to keep herself together just long enough to watch Copree's back fade away before she fell to the ground and started crying.
Exit Hanneth

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