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Belial Miroslav


Quick Stats:
Trades: Assassin / Gladiator
Age: 4y 4m
Large (4' 2", 550, 8' 2")

26 posts • 25 points
Played by Evrae

10-17-2020, 12:39 PM

ooc details

OOC Account Name: Evrae
Other Characters: Korrin, Jewel, Ishak
Using Character Slot: 4
How You Found Us: I'm old...
PVP Classification: Hardcore

ic details

Full Name: Belial Miroslav
Birth Month & Year: June y2
Sex: Male
Trade: Assasin/Gladiator
Rank/Pride: Rogue
Build: Large — HEIGHT: 4' 2"
— LENGTH: 8' 2"
— WEIGHT: 550
Brief Description: Dark brown fur, lighter unders. Nose bar, 5 dots under each eye.
1: Light eye dots

Points used:

-200 Dark brown pelt
-50 Eye dots

Sylvey Edit: Points have been processed
Trigger Warning
Belial’s threads and posts are rated M for mature content for [VIOLENCE, GORE, MATURE THEMES, SEXUAL THEMES, AND VULGARITY] topics. Mature content will always be discussed OOC before being initiated. Some content will not be initiated without explicit player request - please let me know in advance if you are not comfortable.
Quick Stats:
Trades: None / None
Large (, , )

171 posts • 434 points
Played by Ice

10-17-2020, 07:01 PM
Marking team has decided that the cheeks would not be a marking so please remove that as a listed marking. Tag me when that has been done and once your points are done you'll be good to go.
For the most part, staff items come first and the Hanneth posts for AJ members. If it has been more than 3 days that I have not replied to your thread, please poke me in Discord! It is ok to poke me! Sometimes I forget or get caught up in something for staff and need to be reminded to reply.
Quick Stats:
Trades: None / None
Age: 25
Large (, , )

372 posts • 1,388 points
Played by irish

10-19-2020, 03:49 PM

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