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Infernia Ridge
Infernian territory possesses a certain wild beauty. A rugged crest to the north west of the valley, bordered by desert on one side and wide a sea of grass and scrub foliage by way of an open prairie on the other. The Ridge lands are as tucked away as a pride can be, fed fresh clear water by a stream that empties into the fissure. Half way down the stream a pool has been dug for bathing and swimming, stick 'gates' where the stream feeds into and exits the pool keep a stock of fish in place for insect control. Those residing here follow traditional laws and ways of living, although others tend to take exception to this. Infernian lions are content to live and let live, as long as the rest subscribe to the same mindset.

Current Pride Hunt Tier:
Pride News
NEW! October 23rd → Don't forget to exit the pride hunts, and post in round 2 of the pride event, before the end of the month. Gotta love that double exp! — Squid

October 18th → After learning that Casinira has disbanded and Ramona and her children have been taken captive by the rogues, Ambrosine has vowed to seek justice and vengeance for the attack. Several members of the plateau have also arrived to the ridge's borders, and are being offered refuge until the plateau can be purged. — Squid

October 17th → If you participated in this month’s random pride hunt, congrats and thank you! We managed to take down the elephant, and as a reward everyone who participated can claim the “Full Pride” IC award. Go team! — Squid

October 12th → Welcome Laurene back to Infernia! Georgia has also given birth to her litter, resulting in two new babies for the ridge - Arizona and Rhode! — Squid

October 7th → Welcome to Jaeger, Axel, Dior and Baldur. We've reached over the 30 mark so yay, go Infernia! We have a random pride hunt on-going for the month of October which features an elephant. Let's get that shiny badge! The next round of the pride event has been posted.— Shark

October 2nd → Welcome to the month of sp00k! We have two pride hunts that apply for the double exp & a pride event too. Round two for all three will begin on the 5th - get your characters in there while you can! Also - final call for exits to the pride meeting. — Shark

September 29th → We currently have two pending rank challenges; Ros is vying for Marquis against Vermier, and Dior has contested Georgia for the Lady. Will there be some shuffling in the ranks soon? Stay tuned! — Squid

September 25th → Reminder to please exit the pride meeting/maim match when you have a chance! Ambrosine won the fight versus Serpent, leaving the Casimir yearling with significant damage to his face, which will result in an ugly scar once it is healed. — Squid

September 21st → Quick little list of updates: Hanneth, Dero, and Copree have arrived in Infernia to discuss possible terms of an alliance; Caligula has stopped by to check in with Ambrosine and Manes; and we welcome a few new members to the pride! — Squid

September 19th → After having two successful hunts this ooc month, Infernia Ridge has been bumped up to Level 2 in hunt tiers! Thanks everyone for participating and being amazing! — Squid

September 18th → Jean-Claude wins the rank of Duke and Katsuki becomes Infernia's newest Baron. We've got a rhino that has appeared on our doorstep - make sure you get yourself in on the pride hunt! On an OOC note, I'd just like to express my thanks to everyone who is active here and makes Infernia the dramatic red rubble of rock that it is. — Shark

September 15th → Ambrosine has finally given birth to Mithros, Cassine, and Hazarin. Also welcome Thrush and Amra to Infernia! — Squid

September 12th → With a couple of plots things hanging in limbo, the Ridge has been quiet the past couple of days. Luckily, the new princes are keeping the pride on their toes, as Ambrosine nears her due date! — Squid

September 7th → Manes and Ambrosine welcome three new cubs (yes three) into the pride after finding them abandoned and lost, making them the ridge's first princes. Also welcome Ambrosine's long-lost uncle, Audric, to Infernia! — Squid

September 5th → We welcome Katsuki to the pride! It looks as though our numbers are about to grow a little more. In other news, Sarthak has forfeited his crown in order to challenge Drakon to the death. It looks as though tensions between the two prides have finally erupted, with quite the crowd gathering at the Circle to watch. Manes pulls away Hecuba from the action, but this is probably going to have quite the consequence. What will Ambrosine do? — Shark

September 3rd → A variety of new faces have found their way to Infernia's borders, inquiring and curious about the ridge pride. Will we be receiving some new members? Stay tuned! — Squid

September 1st → Tension continues to brew in Valoria, thanks to the mounting hostilities between Sarthak Khan and Drakon Tollaire. Ambrosine and Manes are determining Infernia's course of action, but it is becoming evident that conflict - and possibly war - is an inevitable outcome. — Squid

Important Threads and Alerts
slitherin-to-my-stomach (exits required)
sweet and salty popcorn (exits required)
upon the horizon (pride event)
Random Pride Hunt (exits required)
Sarthak vs. Drakon for Death
Rós vs. Vermier for IR Marquis
Jean-Claude vs Drakon for Dominance
Ashelia vs. ??? for IR Marchioness
Leader Ranks
High Queen
Ambrosine Dieudonné |
Manes Talgrim |
--- Class
High Ranks
Tripfire Frei N/A
Xerxes N/A
Cesaire N/A
Mithros Dieudonné-Talgrim N/A
Hazarin Dieudonné-Talgrim N/A
Cassine Dieudonné N/A
Vermier Dieudonné |
Dior Dieudonné |
Medium Ranks
Jean-Claude Dieudonné |
Marcella Faust |
--- Class
Low Ranks
Kasai Katsuki |
--- Class
Idris Dra'ka |
--- Class
--- Class
--- Class
Iofiel Nimri |
Actaeon Athelas |
Rós Trandafir |
Ezra Dra'ka |
Jaeger Geist |
Axel |
Wylodine Crow |
Charunetra Delekr-Shakti |
Ashelia Azar |
Mishiō Spencer |
Thrush Viserion |
Narcissa |
Laurène Dieudonné | N/A
Setare Tahir |
Amra Delekr |
Baldur Skadisson N/A
Aardbei Kirsikka N/A
Camélia Law N/A
Pandora Fen N/A
Arizona Tollaire N/A
Rhode Tollaire N/A
Oleander N/A
Torque N/A
--- Class
Pride Statistics
Adults: 11 & 11
Yearlings: 2 Cubs: 13
Total: 37
Pride Relations Pride Laws
001. Ambrosine is the ultimate authority, and has the final say over all major pride decisions.

002. All pride members are expected to pull their weight, in whatever form that may be and whether they are male or female. Hunting, sparring, and healing are all encouraged and should be practiced regularly to help strengthen the pride.

003. Infernia's borders are not to be crossed by outside lions without permission. Anyone found disregarding the borders is to be attacked and taken to the High Queen or King.

004. Allies are to be treated with respect at all times, and any violence towards them will not be tolerated. Members of Infernia are expected to defend allied pride members if the situation arises.

005. Issues between pride members should be brought initially to the Lord or Lady to be dealt with. If this issue cannot be resolved, then the problem will be brought to the High Queen.

006. Ambrosine does not encourage claiming, but it is allowed in order to protect a cub, yearling or vulnerable lioness. Any other potential members are to be invited.

007. Mating is permitted so long as it is consensual. Ambrosine must be informed of any official mateships and if a pair is expecting cubs.

008. The High Queen and King share similar powers. The King is authorized to fight on the High Queen's behalf, and is able to defend pride challenges, invite members, release lionesses and defend against youth theft. Furthermore, should the High Queen fail requirements, the pride may pass to the King's possession. If he cannot take it, then it will pass to the Heir, should they be of age.

These rules are subject to change at any time without any prior announcement. All members are expected to know the rules that are listed on this page upon joining.

Please tag a staff member if you are in need of something, it will be handled faster that way. PM this account with herb suggestion, problems, and from the 911 account.
Quick Stats:
Trades: Gladiator / Cleric
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5,040 posts • 2,145,634 points
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05-22-2020, 07:33 PM
DO NOT REMOVE!! Please have the most recent month at the top of the table. Please link to threads so others can look and see what you have going on. Feel free to use the pride dots if things are happening between prides. DO NOT REMOVE!!!

History of Infernia Ridge
Year 6


snake pit poetry
The infamous Miroslav family has returned, in the form of Dante and Belial requesting the attention of the King and Queen. They are joined by several other Dieudonnes, as well as Narcissa, and it has yet to be revealed what their intentions are within Infernia, and for the valley as a whole.

we've all gone soft
Ambrosine is greeted by a small group of rogues upon Infernia's border. Unbeknownst to her, they are all previous members of Rsorvic Crater that had been driven out by the rogue raid, looking for a home -- temporary, or otherwise.


Members of Casinira arrive on Infernia’s doorstep, sharing the news that the rogues had, once again, attacked their pride and caused it to disband. To make matters worse, Ambrosine learns that Ramona and her children have been taken prisoner — and the High Queen knows immediately that she will do anything to free them and get her revenge.

chilly night
Ambrosine and Drakon have historically kept a distance from one another - but now, fate has drawn the two rulers together and linked them by the complicated thethers of their spouses. How will the meeting between the Dieudonne and Tollaire go after so long?


Looks like there is trouble in paradise for the High Queen and King of Infernia Ridge -- after a chance encounter with Hecuba, the Queen of Ekacia Coast, Ambrosine is made aware of Manes' feelings, and supposed love, for the coastal woman. Blindsided by this unexpected news, Ambrosine seeks out her husband for a much-deserved conversation, hoping to gain clarity and retribution.

moon on my shoulder
A stranger turns up on the borders of Infernia Ridge, requesting the attention of the King and Queen. What has brought him here, and what is he looking for?

about that family tie
Hanneth, Dero, and Copree have decided to pay Infernia a long overdue visit. Yearning to learn more about Ambrosine and Manes' rule and to discuss terms of a potential alliance between the prides, hopefully the jungle will emerge on better terms with the ridge than they had experienced under the previous regime.


Infernia Ridge Random Pride Hunt
A lost rhino finds itself inside Infernian territory. Will the pride bring it down without injury?

Ashelia calls the pride together for a spontaneous hunt, and they are successful.

Ambrosine and Manes welcome their first official litter — Mithros, Cassine, and Hazarin — into the world, increasing their brood to a total of six after recently adopting Xerxes, Cesaire, and Tripfire into their growing family.


shoulda watched your six
In a surprise turn of events, Cye challenges High King Sarthak for his crown. He forfeits his crown as he unexpectedly challenges Drakon to the death. What will be the outcome of this historical challenge, and where will pride relations be picked up afterwards?

rightfully mine
From the shadows, Bhagul Casimir has risen up to challenge Ambrosine Dieudonné for the throne. Still in the early stages of her pregnancy, and with the stability of the other Valorian prides uncertain, what will become of the High Queen and her crown?

best kept secrets became worse told lies
Manes requests the company of Ambrosine to discuss the growing tension - and, possibly, the impending war - between Rsorvic Crater and Ekacia Coast. While Infernia's fate in this matter is still to be determined, the ridge finds themselves in a rather interesting position, nonetheless.


Ambrosine calls a much-needed pride meeting following some shuffling in the ranks and the addition of several new members. However, chaos is quick to erupt after Vine and Serpent Casimir arrive, demanding their release from the ridge now that Ambrosine is in charge. As a result of his disrespect, and having grown frustrated with the dramatics, Ambrosine engages Serpent in a minor maim challenge.

bowling for blizzards
While passing through the borderlands, Ambrosine happens across a lone cub named Tripfire, who declares himself lost and without his family. They are sooned joined by Paloma II from Askath Jungle, but after discovering her distant relationship to the cub via their shared Frei and Zero lineage, Ambrosine chooses to adopt him and take him back to Infernia.


home sweet home
Ambrosine's brother, Jean-Claude, has finally arrived in Infernia to join their ranks. It would appear as though Ambrosine is not the only lioness that he has ties to within the ridge, however.

where is my mind
After Marcella seeks out Ambrosine, she surprises the High Queen by announcing her intentions to pledge her allegiance to the Dieudonne family. After some discussion, Marcella is promoted to the rank of Duchess and the two women seal their promise to one another in blood.

eye on the prize
In the early hours of the morning, Idris seeks out Ambrosine to discuss his membership within Infernia. Curious as to why he had chosen the ridge over the other prides, Idris discloses that his homeland of Torenth had been overrun by a plague, and that he has been sent to Valoria to scout out a new suitable kingdom. Declaring his intentions to take a pride, him and Ambrosine agree to remain allies when that day comes, and support each other moving forward.


yoohoo, big summer blowout
Following Ramona's successful claim on Casinira Plateau, Manes and Ambrosine decide to pay the High Queen a much-deserved visit. What'll come of the trio's discussion? Only time will tell!

protect your own
After attacking Casinira Plateau twice in recents months, the infamous rogue band targeted Zantera Falls in its latest ambush, causing the pride to disband. Jyzara, Zantera's prior Duchess, attempts to re-claim the falls, but Ambrosine, growing increasingly aware of the threat, suggests that something needs to be done about the plundering rogues.


claws and talons
The pride is called together to undergo some spar training.

The pride are gathered together for a hunt. Will this be the first successful one under the rule of Manes and Ambrosine?

roll the die
Castus, the son of Caligula and Copree, found him in quite a dangerous spot with a jackal while wandering alone in the haunted grove. Thankfully, Ambrosine appeared just in time and managed to fend off the creature, albeit a few nicks and scrapes on her end.

an eye for an eye
Manes makes his way to Zantera Falls with aims of an alliance. Is that all he is after?


IR Random Hunt
Iofiel, Actaeon and Georgia gather for another pride hunt - but unfortunately they are unsuccessful.

Ramona calls to claim the crown of Casinira Plateau once more, and is met by her challenger, Venom. After a particularly violent battle, Ramona reigns victorious and manages to reclaim her throne, though she has an interesting proposition for her opponent. Shortly after the challenge subsidies, Ambrosine also releases Amara from Infernia Ridge so that she can rejoin Casinira Plateau alongside the new High Queen.


Manes calls the pride together for a hunt.

Sick of hearing this hakuna matata motto
Casinira Plateau is laid to claim by Bronx, a former lion of Askath. There had previously been a scuffle on the borders of CP, with Ambrosine and Manes both in attendance. Will the newly crowned King keep ahold of the pride? There may be an alliance on the horizon.


The new year brings with it some exciting changes as High Queen Dahlia and King Ifrit decide to try their paw at making an Heir for the ridge. Other than this things are peaceful (more or less) for the Ridge - what excitement lays in wait for this new year?!

act first, think later
Turns out that there is much excitement! Manes Talgrim challenges for Dahlia's crown, only for it to be answered by Ifrit. They battle it out and Manes rises victorious. What does this mean for the Ridge?

your face
Former High Queen Dahlia is a liiiittle bit annoyed at Manes for stealing her crown, so she decides to try and maim him instead.

about those ostrich eggs
Manes makes his first visit to the Crater to discuss alliance proposals.

at the end, there may be some light
Manes goes to the Plateau in search for former CP members, and finds both Ambrosine and Vermier Dieudonne. Infernia gains a new Queen and a new Lord!

History of Infernia Ridge
Year 5


Infernia finally gains a King as Ifrit Casimir is offered the position.


Another of the queen's sons arrives at the borders, and new members by way of the Mordecai family start to arrive. How will this effect the so far peaceful atmosphere of the ridge and valoria?


High Queen Dahlia rejoices as her son Stolas returns home!


It is hauntingly quiet in the ridge with only Dahlia and Wendigo as official residents. However Dahlia doesn't see this as a bad thing!


After Ifrit looses control of the ridge due to injury Dahlia lays claim in order to keep the territory safe. Her claim is contested by a massive lion, however the tiny lioness manages to win against the odds and become the first High Queen of Infernia. How various rulers (and her own inlaws) respond to this remains to be seen.


The calamity and subsequent exodus from the old pride lands left the Casimir battered but not broken. Though they lost more the. A few family, mostly the young, did not make it out of the old valley, though those that did proved strong for the sojourn ahead. Two casimir are born along the way; Wedigo and Rangda giving back to the family that lost precious blood. Abraxas, formally Crowley, leads them back to the original land of Valoria. Ifrit wasted little time in claiming Infernia ridge in their name. Here the old laws are followed and here the casimir will be strong once again.
Please tag a staff member if you are in need of something, it will be handled faster that way. PM this account with herb suggestion, problems, and from the 911 account.

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