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Askath Jungle
What was once a thick and humid jungle now stands a lesser version of its former self. With mountains to the south and rivers bordering the rest of Askath, new and younger trees have been able to thrive where there once stood some of the tallest trees in Valoria. The swamps have dried up some while small streams and creeks still wind their way through the lands. More sky can be seen through the young canopy while trees continue to grow and replenish the territory.
Current Pride Hunt Tier:
Pride News
NEW! Oct 20th - A challenge for lady has been made. Also, CP has been taken by the rogues. The borders have visitors, be sure to post and stop them. Hanneth and Dero are still very iffy about new folks. Gabe has started an event for the pride, show up! — Ice

Oct 14th - More cubs have been born! Siblings to Hanneth! — Ice

Oct 10th - Don't forget to claim your IC award if you were in the last random hunt! There is a new one up and since we are tier 5 it is the only one that we NEED to do this month. If anyone wants exp points for hunts, please make sure to drop the links into discord. — Ice

Oct 3rd - Gabriel is our new Lord and Faelyn is now Baroness. We are tier 5 with hunts so if you are having cubs, remember to mark that you want those perks! — Ice

September 26th - The pride meeting is wrapping up. Feel free to make exits now. Sorry it took so long, and sorry for my lack of activity lately. Did a bit of housekeeping on the pride page, too. And welcome Lucille to the pride! — Amanda

September 20th - Sadly, Copree has had to step down from heiress role. Hanneth doesn't take this very well. Our pride hunt went well. Elephant down.— Ice

September 13th - Next round of the meeting is up, but looks like our guests might be going home already anyway and Drakon and Hecuba arrive to collect their kids. — Amanda

September 7th - Dero and Hanneth call a pride meeting to discuss Drakon's kids being in the Jungle as well as to touch on a few other things happening around the valley. (fyi, this is a backdated meeting, set before the RC challenge) — Amanda

September 6th - Pile on more drama as Jason, the Duke of Zantera that Furia pissed off, calls for the golden woman to fight him in a dominance match at the Stone Circle. Dero ain't having none of that shit, so he races to meet the man in her place. More lions show up on both sides of the "fight," but it's just been a lot of talking so far. We'll see what becomes of this. — Amanda

September 4th - Wow! Drama drama everywhere. Leaders have gone to CP and IR to talk about alliances. Drakon has made the leaders aware of the struggles in the valley and have gone to RC to try and fix things buuutttt it seems that isnt going to happen since Sar is now DMing Drakon. Young cubs will not be welcomed if they show up at the DM, just letting you know. Drakon's cubs are here now, please have it be common knowledge that they are not to be talked about. What else? Furia has pissed off the ZF High Queen's dad. We have some visitors at the borders looking for.. love? — Ice

August 29th - Must be something about the jungle trees that our spotted neighbors like as we welcome Bes to the "ranks" of Askath. Another leopard, Atticus, has shown up in search of Bes, though it seems Avana has found the visitor instead. — Amanda

August 24th - The king seeks out Hanneth in hopes to tell her about his conversation with their son, Reti, and get the royal pair back on track with each other. — Amanda

August 18th - Furia seeks out Hanneth and confides in her everything that had happened to the Hodari-Livius outside of Valoria. She then tells the queen how Bronx reacted to this very same information. Now Furia feels so uncomfortable within the Jungle that she wants to leave. Who will go? Furia, or Bronx? — Amanda

August 15th - Jyzara, High Queen of Zantera Falls, arrives seeking her missing members who had taken refuge in the Jungle after the Falls were attacked. Furia and Retnuh arrive to assist. — Amanda

August 11th - Dero and Retnuh get some time to chat now that the king has had time to process everything regarding his 'son.' While it still feels weird to think that Reti was ever Hunter, the two continue to view each other as father and son. Now Dero just needs to get back into Hanneth's good graces! — Amanda

August 8th - I have arrived! Thanks for holding down the fort! If you are here and not on the page, let us know in the discord channel. — Ice

August 5th - Hanneth unknowingly summons Ademt and Paloma to the pride meeting/party. Her strength of a cleric now allows her to summon spirits away from Spectra's Tree and she didn't even know it! Ademt has an idea, though, given her newfound abilities. Maybe she can figure out a way to help him ascend to the next level of the afterlife. — Amanda

August 2nd - So things don't go so well with Hanneth and Retnuh telling Dero that the prince was Hunter in his previous life. It's not that Dero disowned the boy, he just needed somet time to process it all which seemed to upset the queen. Hopefully, they can all bounce back from this! — Amanda

July 25th - Alright! We are on the edge of the move!!! Dero and Hanneth will get over as quickly as possible. We hope to see you there!!!— Ice

July 22nd - ZF has fallen again. We are now hunt tier level 4! Which means we only need to do 1 hunt a month to keep the tier level. However, pride memebers will likely still need to do hunts to gain exp. Please be sure to help them out if they need it. — Ice

July 16th - Askath finally has an official ally again as discussions with the coast come to a conclusion! — Amanda

July 12th - With Ramona retaking the Plateau, maybe Askath will get their ally back. Elsewhere, Furia has adopted an orphaned cub named Laraila! What's one more cub around here, right? And it seems Reti has decided it's finally time to tell his father who he really is. How will Dero take the news? — Amanda

July 5th - New ranks have been handed out in the meeting. Bronx showed up battered at the borders, anyone like to get some class exp? Also need someone to step up and lead a hunt, let me know if you would like to! — Ice

June 28th - The meeting will be getting under way, if you have not posted be sure to get in there. It seems that Crina will be leaving us, :( and an alliance is being worked on with CP, ZF, and EC. — Ice

June 21st - The elephant that showed up has been taken down and AJ is now in tier 3, doubling level 1 bonuses! Keep that in mind if you are out fighting. — Ice

June 16th - Following the takeover of Infernia, the former High Queen arrives on the borders of the jungle seeking sanctuary before her litter is born.— Amanda

June 10th - Pride hunt! Get in there! Bronx has won his claim on CP and AJ has lost a male. — Ice

June 6th - Bronx managed to get his butt beat up a little and has decided to make a claim on the now empty CP! — Ice

Important Threads and Alerts
On the last episode of DBZ... Pride Meeting!
Pride Event Come on by
Challenge for Lady
Leader Ranks
Dero Hodari II |
Hanneth Hodari |
--- /- | -
High Ranks
Roan Hodari |
Retnuh Hodari |
Aeneas Hodari |
Shujaa Hodari |
Oak Hodari - | -
Paloma Hodari II - | -
Tova Hodari |
Birdie Hodari - | -
Avana Hodari - | -
Gabriel X'uekai |
Serephina Mercer |
Medium Ranks
Parhelion Asahi |
Corinna |
--- /- | -
Low Ranks
--- - | -
Faelyn Vandiir |
--- - | -
--- - | -
--- - | -
--- - | -
--- - | -
Nybras Casimir |
Arcania X'uekai |
Fhtagn-Escafil-Sarnath |
Emilie Darksidy |
Furia Hodari-Livius |
Twiggy Asahi |
Luxe le Prince |
Hurricane Asahi |
Harper Tolkien |
Lucille Teivelen |
Aarani |
--- /- | -
Laraila Hodari |
Vizzi Shakti - | -
Daichi Juro Lupai - | -
Kyuubi Kurama Lupai - | -
Lotus Spencer - | -
Tsukihana Yurei Spencer - | -
Ala Thistle Higabana - | -
Skie Casimir - | -
Mateus Casimir-Higabana - | -
Ajisai Yokai Spencer - | -
Toshinori Spencer-Zero - | -
Ayaka Sueko Spencer-Zero - | -
Runar - | -
Zhen Lain'Rin - | -
Bes |
Pride Statistics
Adults: 4 & 16
Yearlings: 4 Cubs: 18
Total: 42
Pride Relations Pride Laws
1. All members are to be treated equally and respected as family.

2. It is preferred to award ranks based on merit and experience. Ask before challenging, or talk to a leader if interested in a rank.

3. The king and queen are to be respected equally. Neither is above the other in power.

4. Violence against another pride member is punishable by banishment.

5. Do not cause trouble with other prides if you cannot finish it yourself.

6. Claiming of rogue children is acceptable for their protection. Do not claim women against their will, but feel free to challenge the claims of others if the woman does not agree with the claim.

7. All members are expected to train in their class in order to contribute to the pride.

8. Keep information about the pride private, especially the identities of any children.

9. If the King falls, the Queen takes over and then the Heir/Heiress.

--- Rules are subject to change at any time, without notice. Your character is expected to know any and all rules listed on this page upon joining. ---
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Quick Stats:
Trades: Gladiator / Cleric
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5,039 posts • 2,145,634 points
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05-22-2020, 08:13 PM
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History of Askath Jungle
Year 6


its been a year now, think i've figured out how
Corinna and Parhelion have blessed the Jungle with more cubs! Siblings to the Queen.

friends with culinary arrangements
Friend or foe showing up on the borders, Lucille seems to be on top of figuring that out.


I'll be more
With Toshio leaving, the rank of Lord was open. Gabriel made the call for it and Hanneth gave him the rank once she arrived.


It's Not Goodbye... Just See You Later
With the stress of thing getting to her, Copree steps down from being heiress and let's Hanneth know that she would be leaving for a little while. Hanneth doesn't take it to well.

that's it, i'm turning this car around
With a change of heart, Drakon and Hecuba comes back to collect their cubs and take them home.

On the last episode of DBZ...
Dero, Hanneth, and Copree call the pride together to update them on things happening in the pride and with others. As well as letting them know who the allies were.


shoulda watched your six
Before EC and RC could come to blows with each other, it appears that there are tensions with the Crater itself as Cye Nestle steps up to challenge his king. Instead of defending his throne, though, Sarthak goes straight after Drakon in a death match.

it sure is hot
Furia finds an orphaned and dehydrated cub in the desert, whom she's tries to bring home to the Jungle before Jason, Duke of Zantera Falls, steps in to claim the child. Furia doesn't take kindly to him invading her space and sticking his paw literally where it doesn't belong.

Fueled By Comeuppance
Jason declares a dominance match against Furia, but Dero has no intention of letting his sister answer such as a call as he races to meet the man head on. Members of both AJ and EC show up, with Furia and Jason both telling their side of what happened with the leopard cub. So far, a lot of talk has gone on and no fighting... yet.


Giving things up for the greater good
Drakon and his family come to the Jungle looking for saftey for their cubs and give Hanneth, Dero, and Copree news that there may be a war coming soon with RC.

And only herald to the gaudy spring,
Luxe brings home a leopard friend keen on joining the Jungle.

i am not the singer that you wanted but a dancer
Furia confides in Hanneth about her recent interactions with Bronx and his reactions to events that had befallen the woman outside of Valoria.


Dero seeks out Retnuh in order to talk over the whole Hunter thing a little more. The two reconcile and continue to view each other as father and son, respectively.

My people (Borders)
Jyzara, of Zantera Falls, comes in search of her members who had taken refuge within the Jungle after rogues attacked the Falls.


Nybras and Morana give birth to Toshio cubs adding 9 new cubs to the Jungle floor.
After seeking shelter in the Jungle, Dahlia slips away to the cove to have her litter of three before coming back to the Jungle.
Reti and Hanneth finally tell Dero that Reti was once Hunter, it doesn't go over well at first.
Copree's oldest daughters express their desire to join the Jungle's ally, Drakon, to learn more.
Prince Njal is at the borders of RC, it looks like he may be looking to spread him wings some as well.


Rogues take over the Plateau again after Bronx's claim, but luckily, Ramona was able to take it back this time!

baby you're not dancing on your own
After finding an orphaned cub in the wastelands, Furia brings her new adopted daughter back to the Jungle.


Business in the front, Party in the back.
Dero and Hanneth call the pride together for a meeting and a party! After a year of being in the Jungle, the party is well earned.


And not one was planned. & oops i did it again
Toshio's wives are going to be adding to the number of cubs in the Jungle. Ready for all the cubs?

a potato flew around my room
Dero's sister, Furia, returns and brings some bad news for the King.

Things Destined For
Princess Tova calls for her parents, what could the young Princess want to talk about.


knock, knock
As crowns continue to change around Valoria again, Bronx finds himself on the receiving end of some ill-placed frustrations while trying to help what was left of Casinira after an attack disbanded the pride.

History of Askath Jungle
Year 5


Copree has some news, cubs and a new family that is showing up in the Valley.

Reti has decided it is time to tell everyone that he is Hunter. He seeks Hanneth's thoughts and she struggles to see him as anything but her son.


Amaterasu, the king's cousin, arrives with news of Zantera. Lucille has stepped down and given Amy leadership of the Falls. Given her dispute with Hanneth at the borderlands recently, though, what does that spell for future relations with Zantera?

This Is The Life I Have Wanted
Finally, Hanneth and Dero welcome a litter of their own flesh and blood. Four more cubs have been added to the Hodari family tree!


The King of the Coast arrives with a warning for Hanneth and Dero.


The Path of Sorrow, the Lament of Youth
Hanneth find a young cub alone and while offering her a meal, others join her. At first, things are calm but a family member to Dero and the Lady of ZF start to stir some trouble.

Ramona Queen of CP arrives at the borders after the show down at the borderlands.


Honey were you at
Nybras comes the borders looking for Toshio and she is greeted by some of the youth in the pride as well as Dero and Hanneth.

p h a n t o m
Araceli is brought to the pride after Duchess Serephina wins her fight! Dero and Hanneth are both concerned with the state of their Duchess.


Duchess Serephina and Lord Geralt fight for the freedom of an AJ member's daughter.


mud monster
A long lost face finally finds her way to Askath's borders! Having been missing since the move to the new lands, Emilie Darksidy seeks to return "home" within the Jungle while bringing news of Infernia's disbandment.

another promise kept
A sudden turn of events left Lucille Teivelen, former member of Ambrosia, to take up the crown of Zantera Falls, former ally of Askath. Luckily, the pale woman still seems friendly with her former pridemates, arriving for a talk with the Jungle royals as promised.


Two new prides open up, Casinira Plateau and Ekacia Coast. Unsurprisingly, after having been denied to join Askath, Bael challenges the claim on the coastal pride. If he wins, what will that mean for the Jungle?

Probably for the best, Bael does not win the coast, so it is the new High Queen, Genya, who comes seeking an audience with the rulers of Askath.


Toshio and his daughter Sonnilion, new High Queen of Zantera Falls, arrive on the jungle's doorstep with Toshio looking a bit battered... again. Hanneth, Toshio's go-to healer, is understandably upset at seeing all her hard work wiped away at the sight of the man injured once more.


Family is important
With so many of their family still unaccounted for, it comes as a relief when Morana and Bael show up at the borders of Askath with their two daughters.

The Strength From You
Hanneth finds herself at Spectra's Tree when she goes into labor. Before she even gives birth to her own cubs, though, the spirits seem intent to bless the new mother with one more mouth as the deity, Hunter, is reborn at her side. Then, the queen is able to welcome four more healthy children before a collection of family and friends show up to the occasion and help carry the helpness newborns to Askath.


back to where is all began
Dero and Hanneth make their way into the new lands, managing to find the same jungle where Dero's mother had once ruled. The two claim it as Askath Jungle once more, and call for what remained of their Ambrosia family to join them in their new home.

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