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Casinira Plateau
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Casinira Plateau
Laying south of the Borderlands is a cliff. Casinira Plateua is an old pride bordered by mountains to the North and West, a cliff to the East, and the entrance to the South between some mountains and the rising of the cliff. Once inside these borders you can find trees spaced out in the territory. Deep in the territory lays a pond big enough to keep the pride satisfied.
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Pride News
October 15th - Rogues have attacked and captured Ramona and her cubs! The pride has disbanded and is not claimable. - SOV


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Quick Stats:
Trades: Gladiator / Cleric
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History of Casinira Plateau
Year 6


hocus pocus - Indira decides to hold a healing event for all of the pride to take advantage of.
a cause for celebration - Ramona calls for everyone to celebrate the many great things that have happened in the Plateau recently.
CP random pride hunt - A pair of mating rhinos have shown up into the Plateau, well time to break up the romance!
i'd give you my world - Uncle Israel calls for some quality time with the royal babies!
feelin' big - The royal cubs venture out of the den for the first time and are greeted by Indira.
go your own way - Israel seeks the young Koi to see how he's settling into the Plateau.
built my life 'round you - Israel calls for the two most important ladies in his life to finally introduce them to one another, fingers crossed everything goes well!


burning memories - Two strangers show up on the Plateau's doorstep in search of a fresh start and a new home
let us eat - Tessa calls everyone together again for another pride hunt, optimistic that they will be successful again
holy ghosts - Israel and Indira get some fresh air and catch up with one another after tosca's healing
blood - Venom comes back home injured with a dead rouge in tow, what the heck is going on?
red, I need you - Israel calls for Indira's help when he brings his injured daughter Tosca back to the Plateau
astra inclinant sed non obligant - Caligula pays Ramona a visit and is greeted by Israel and Amara, hopefully he doesn't mind speaking with everyone present!
ancient rules - Indira returns to the Plateau with Ramona and has plenty of questions about pride life for Ramona to answer.
casinira plateau random pride hunt - A gerenuk stumbles into pride territory, lets hope the lions are successful in hunting it!
nurturing - Hecuba and Drakon agree to leave Koi with Ramona but on what conditions?


a step at a time - Jak and Israel patrol the borders together.
need you now at long last - Israel and Tessa have a private moment now that they've settled into their new home.
auntie amara - Ramona calls for Amara to talk with her privately and catch up with one of her closest confidants.
the world at war - Ramona calls a very important pride meeting to get everyone up to speed on recent events.
ain't no glory in the west - Israel is joined by Ramona and the two play catch up.


natura non constristatur - Caligula visits the Plateau in search of Ambrosine only to realize she is part of the ridge instead! Quickly he catches up with both Ramona and Ambrosine as well as having Venom to listen in on things.
so, this is a thing - Venom has news to share with Ramona and she can't help but be worried, what's going on?
return to normalcy - Dero and Hanneth pay Ramona a visit, hopefully good things will come from this surprise.
pregnancy pact - Ambrosine comes to share some special news with Ramona and the girls are about to have a field day!
step one - Tessa brings Israel to the pride in order to have him join officially, Ramona will definitely be pleased to see a familiar face!
bun in the oven - Ramona has some special news for Venom but how will he take it?


why the long face - Amara brings Raiden back to his new home and tries to learn more about the youth and any additional baggage he may have.


grub hub - Ramona calls for a pride hunt as she tries to wrangle in some bigger prey for everyone!
an entanglement - Ramona calls for Venom so the two can have some privacy.


yoohoo, big summer blowout - Manes and Ambrosine pay a long anticipated visit to the Plateau and Ramona looks forward to properly meeting the Ridge King, perhaps an alliance will be made between the two.
cp random hunt - A tiny bunny has wandered into the Plateau, hopefully to be snatched up by the waiting jaws of Ramona.
congratulations - Previous King Bronx comes to the Plateau bearing gifts? What exactly does he have planned?
respect has to be given - Drakon Tollaire pays a visit to the Plateau with his cubs in tow, Ramona is slightly suspicious but more interested to hear what he has on his mind.
mingle mamba - Sarthak pays Ramona a visit, perhaps to poke his nose in her business but one way or another Ramona is just happy to see an acquaintance.
smoke on the water - Ramona invites Venom to stay and offers him a proposition but will he take her up on it?
time - After the rogues chased off Bronx Ramona was quick to call up a challenge for the Plateau which was contended by Venom! Ramona was crowned victorious but it appears she may have a few tricks up her sleeve after all.


CP Random Hunt - A zebra wandered into Casinira Plateau and Bronx was able to take it down on his own! woo hoo!


Mind If I Stay? - Pharos has joined Casinira Plateau! thank the spirits that he did not really care about what went down at the claim!
sick of hearing this hakuna matata motto - Bronx Latsym has arrived to take the throne, he declares this could be temporary until the original members have recovered!


Rogues attack Casinira Plateau causing the pride to scatter and divide.

History of Casinira Plateau
Year 5


transform - Ramona calls a pride meeting for all of the current members to attend so she can share some important news and introduce all of the new faces properly!
tell me more - Ambrosine leads Laurène back to the pride where the two can talk further.
gordon would approve - Amara calls a pride hunt, hopefully the members of Casinira can band together to bring down some larger prey!


let's get together - Amara calls out for Ambrosine to have a one on one, hopefully the ladies find some common ground with one another!
sit back. relax. begin - Geralt returns to his old home, passing over the borders without a care. Amara is the first to greet him meanwhile Ambrosine lurks in the shadows, will the ladies have to team together to boot him out or will he leave willingly before the High Queen catches wind?
a bad luck charm - An injured stranger lands past the borders to be greeted by Ambrosine who offers a helping hand, will she stick around after or go on her way?
random prey hunt - Prey has shown up in Casinira, hopefully the crew can be successful in getting more grub!


filet mignon - Ramona calls Ambrosine for an optimistic hunt and decides to fill her in on recent happenings with neighboring prides.


hunt - let's eat - Amara calls the women together for another hunt, will the ladies prove to be successful again?
juntos - After an interesting event unfolds in the borderlands Ramona makes her way to the jungle to try and strike up a deal with Hanneth and her pride
it's just that time - Amara summons Ramona so the two can have a heart to heart
CP Pride hunt - Smells like dinner! The first pride hunt is underway, will the ladies be successful?


sacrificial lamb - A teen calls for Ramona at the borders, what exactly is she seeking?
alianza - Ramona travels to meet with the Kings of the crater to see where they stand. Will a potential allegiance be formed or will a line be drawn between them?
curiosity - A gentleman comes knocking on Ramona's door, though this is someone she recognizes from the claim! Does he intend to stick around?
sugar wraith - A young woman stops by in the early hours of morning requesting to speak with Ramona, what will come of this?
entente - Ramona travels to Ekacia Coast to see if a potential allegiance can be forged
the night sky brings light or maybe not - A stranger comes in the night and is greeted by Ramona, will she be welcomed into the ranks or sent packing?
call of the wild - Ramona Sallow enters Casinira Plateau and claims the land as her own, her calls go uncontested and she lets the fellow pride leaders attending know that she intends to speak with them in the near future.


Drakon Tollaire reigns as King of Casinira Plateau during these months until he disappears without a trace.
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