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underwater basket weaving
by Neema in Creek · 10 REPLIES
women's talk
by Lucilla in Caverns · 8 REPLIES
Let love grow
by Israel in Prairie · 5 REPLIES
a beautiful reunion
by Leilani in Dark Manor · 2 REPLIES
whiskey fever
by Lamia in Borderlands · 1 REPLIES

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49 TOPICS, 205 REPLIES Joining
Amant Ignace by Amant Questions, Adoptables
Thinking of joining? Everything in this area is going to be useful for you! If you are new to Valoria then you will find all of our rules, guidelines, general information and joining instructions here. Also, when you are finally ready to become an active member of the site, this is where you audition!
20 TOPICS, 100 REPLIES Chillout
For now by Twesh Fun & Games
Welcome to the chillout zone! You can talk about anything you like in here whether it's Valoria-related or not. Start a game or take part in one of the sites many contests. If you are new this is also a great place to make your introductions or just generally gossip and have fun.
207 TOPICS, 867 REPLIES Planning
Swan's PlotMart! by Swan Postlogs, Families
A place for all character and site-related topics including somewhere to store post logs, relation logs, and any graphics. You can also use this section to make your own thread and plot requests or even plan or read up on the various pride plots in progress.
31 TOPICS, 127 REPLIES Updates
Points by flea Site News
Need anything changed on the site like a page or your status? Or maybe you need to update us, like letting us know whether you're absent or not! There is a different topic for each type of update so if you want points, rewards or a cub request just let us know in the right place or use the maintenance thread for anything else.
87 TOPICS, 1,194 REPLIES Paint Shop
simply stunning by irish Studios
Want a picture, postscript, icon, avatar, or template for your character? Well this is the place to come for requesting help! Unless of course you want to help out the graphically challenged or shower other players with gifts! Anything graphics related can be found in this area.

21 TOPICS, 165 REPLIES Borderlands
whiskey fever by Lamia
To the far west of Valoria lays a barren desert that stretches for miles over low laying flat terrain. It is the only easy route into Valoria as all other sides of the valley are surrounded by steep mountain slopes. The borderline of the valley is marked by a dry river bed, its ground cracked and broken with small slopes either side.
Only ranks Duke/Duchess and above may post in the borderlands. Rogues looking for a pride are welcome here.

45 TOPICS, 384 REPLIES Infernia Ridge
No Place to Call our Own by Amara
Embedded into the mountains to the north the Infernia Ridge is a large jutting rock that forms a small plateau. Several rocky paths lead up to from the sides to the top where a medium sized cave provides a good pride den. Below the ridge is a small stream and a few trees, enough water and shade the pride requires.
16 TOPICS, 112 REPLIES Rsorvic Crater
got your scent by Jak
Created by an unknown impact, a crater has formed. But within the very heart of the devastation, a wild growth has grown. Providing the lions that call Rsorvic Crater, located in the foothills of the southern mountains, with ample shelter. Due to the formation of the crater itself any cresting the ridge may be seen as silhouettes against the sky-scape.
23 TOPICS, 169 REPLIES Zantera Falls
By no means a genius by Reed
To the far eastern reaches of Valoria is the falls of Zantera. Multiple small streams cut through the rocky pridelands creating small waterfalls and pools of fresh water everywhere. Patches of jungle are scattered between these rock and water divides giving the inhabitants of Zantera plenty of shade as well as several small caverns.
52 TOPICS, 456 REPLIES Askath Jungle
a ship setting sail by Dero
Surrounded by the river and swamp the Askath Jungle is never short on water. Tropical trees grow tall covering the entire territory with a large green canopy all year round. Within the jungle there are several small clearings allowing light to reach the ground and plenty of small streams running through.
32 TOPICS, 255 REPLIES Casinira Plateau
return to normalcy by Dero
Rising high above the rest of the valley, the open woodlands of Casinira have become the chosen home to a pride of lions. Bisecting the standing of trees flows a creek that provides the essential nutrients to both flora and fauna. While the trees provide shelter, the occasional cave can also be found hidden amongst the roots and branches.
15 TOPICS, 145 REPLIES Ekacia Coast
ashes fall like snow by Drakon
Nestled against the mountain that was once the Volcano, Ekacia is a lush little inlet with fresh water provided by the emergence of an underground river meeting the sea. There is plenty of vegetation and rock formations for dens and if the inhabitants don't have a taste for seafood the grasslands can provide the more usual diet.

74 TOPICS, 616 REPLIES Stone Circle
random acts of violence by Lucille Hillside, Spectra's Tree, Fissure
Practically right in the middle of the lands rests a large opening surrounded by tall and spaced out rocks. These rocks provide the perfect shelter for spectators to watch the matches that unfold within this arena. Fights for dominance or even just sparring can happen here, but one should never turn their back for the risk of dangers lurking.
32 TOPICS, 220 REPLIES Waterfall
a beautiful reunion by Leilani Dark Manor, Brook, Canyon
Laying to the Eastern region of Valoria rests a beautiful waterfall. The waters are clear and when the light touches just right the reflection causes a myriad of shimmering specks. Legend has it that there are diamonds below the surface, but anyone would know it is far too dangerous to find out for sure. The waterfall leads West to the delightfully cold river.
58 TOPICS, 444 REPLIES Haunted Grove
Let love grow by Israel Prairie , Lake of Kimawe, Glade
Sitting on the edge of Askath jungle, separated by only a river is the Haunted Grove. The trees are petrified remains of a once vibrant forest, decimated by ash and fire. Some say that you can still hear the screams of the dead that were taken in the volcano’s explosion. In the darkest nights, one might see lights in the distance. Do not follow them.
12 TOPICS, 65 REPLIES Caverns
women's talk by Lucilla Crystal Chamber, Underground Lake, The Rookery
A true spectacle the behold would be the caverns. Positioned to the North-East of Valoria, these caverns seem to be full of mystery. Younger lions enjoy romping about and exploring for hidden treasures. Shaded and cool, it is a popular place to take a snooze. While the caverns nearest to Valoria are typically safe, wandering too far in could certainly be tragic.
42 TOPICS, 264 REPLIES Cracked Boulder
Ghosts of the past by Jean-Claude Meadow, Pond, Desert
Lying between the River’s End and the Casinira Plateau lay the remains of once proud giants. The unclimbable boulders now fallen and cracked from the shattering earthquakes that followed the volcano’s eruption. No more can lions challenge themselves in reaching their heights. Instead, lions practiced their footwork, hopping across the shattered remains of the boulders trying to cross the other side without falling. A test of dexterity rather than endurance, but still useful to any who want something to do in their free time.
38 TOPICS, 270 REPLIES River
underwater basket weaving by Neema Stepping Stones, River End, Creek
The river is certainly gracious, for it spans through out the center of Valoria. The blue waters end at the Waterfall and are the prime suppliers of Saphira Oasis. Some may opt to lounge about, avoiding dangerous currents. Others use the river for drinking water. Whatever the reason, the river is one prime source of survival.
34 TOPICS, 219 REPLIES Mountains
take me like a vitamin by Finnen Southern Peaks, Rock Slopes, Hot Springs
During the winter seasons, this area is treacherous and very cold. One could easily lose their grip and send themselves spiralling down a side of ice and snow. In the cooler seasons, the slopes are still a challenge to climb but less of a risk. These provide extra shelter to keep unwanted visitors out from Valoria.
40 TOPICS, 276 REPLIES Savanna Plains
mood by Varius Treeline, Wastelands, Watering Hole
Directly East of the Stone Circle is a wide open area otherwise known as the Savanna Plains. This is the main hunting grounds for the lions of Valoria, and probably the safest as well. It is a popular chill out spot for all of the lions due to the large watering hole in the centre of the plains.
11 TOPICS, 31 REPLIES Volcano
Quisiera Ser un Pez by Santiago Black Beach, Lava Fields, Geyser
Hidden for centuries, a path located directly south from Zantera Falls has finally been revealed by the violent earth shakes of year eleven. It leads to the lush, mossy base of a very tall and relatively active volcano. After the great eruption, the volcano has mostly fallen into the ocean and gone dormant, hopefully, to never vex the members of the land ever again.
35 TOPICS, 200 REPLIES Naiden Towers
Silent Fear by Seppion Grassland, Widow’s Peaks, Woodland
Although the volcano has dropped mostly into the deep waters off the shore of Valoria, it did not leave without a lasting memory of its volatile existence in Valoria. The Naiden Towers are a range of mountains directly south of Askath Jungle, breaking up what would otherwise be a flat landscape. They are smaller than the mountain range that surrounds the valley, but tall enough to protect the south side from the poisonous ash in the lava fields and either side from bad weather - and invaders.
22 TOPICS, 138 REPLIES Coast Line
Mi vida eres tu, y si te ... by Santiago Bluffs, Cove, Rock Pool
The path that leads to the volcano turned out to have a turn. Grass slowly turns into soft and golden sand accompanied by salt water far in the distance, with nothing else to be seen but the sky meeting the ocean.

951 TOPICS, 6,251 REPLIES Archives
MOVING - Bael by Squid OOC Archives, IC Archives
Every thread that has been finished with is stored in the archives. Anything from finished in character threads or old out of character ones. You can also find all of the old auditions here.
time traveler by Takara
All roleplaying carried out through messaging instead of the forums can be logged here. It is important to create logs, especially when any detrimental events happen that the rest of the site should be aware of or read up on.
44 TOPICS, 48 REPLIES Adverts
Millean - Semi-realistic ... by Visitor Link-Backs
Please check our advertising rules before posting and for login details of our guest account to be able to post. If there is a space open in our affiliate section you may also request to have your site exchange links with us, again just check out the rules first before posting.

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