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Narsil Tollaire
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Ekacia Coast


NAME: Narsil Tollaire
AGE: 5 months
BUILD: Large
PELT COLOR: Steel Grey

BORN: April Y6
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Bi-curious
HEIGHT: 4'0"
LENGTH: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 420lbs

SUB TRADE: None ()

Legacy Points: 16

+ 1 - being born into a pride (EC)
+ 8 - becoming a Princess (ec, drakon/gala)

Atop a steel coat lies the many markings of her parental lineage. Her underbelly is black to match the mask across her face that surrounds her eyes and nose. but her chest and muzzle and toes are white. her nose is a dark gray. She also has black gradient socks across her four legs. The highlights however besides her vibrant orange eyes are the white winged eyeliner, and a white nose blaze that blurs into the blackness of her mask. The girl is large in size standing 4'0" and weighs 420lbs. Narsil is a big girl but wears it well with fit muscle across her form.

Narsil is cold as her steel coat, she learned from her father to not show too much emotion outwards. Most of what you see you cannot be for certain that your eyes are not tricking you. Narsil does love her family, but tends to not make a show of it, rather the opposite she can appear to be a bully to them. Anything to get a rise out of another means a win in her book, if you respond to her tactics to her that means you are weak minded. Narsil despite appearances of being a bully of annoying nature, she can be calculating and very precise on details. She may dart her silver tongue out to stab at those who do not have the defenses, but she observes every little change around her. taking it in for further use of manipulation later on.

Narsil is unafraid to challenge those she despises, if she thinks you aren't worth more than a few words it would do well to not speak more than that then. Ambition runs deep in her, she will never settle less then a crown upon her head. And certainly she would never ever settle to be beneath a man when she knows her worth is far and above any male she comes across. the only males worthy of her praise and affections, are Ramses and Drakon. The rest could be washed away in a storm. Challenging though she is, she knows when to use honey to lure in her prey. Narsil can play the part of a damsel in distress if it causes her prey to lower her guard enough to strike.

Narsil is born Princess of Ekacia Coast to the King Drakon Tollaire, alongside siblings Kira and Ramses. Their mother leaves the picture shortly after they are weaned and they never see her again. Narsil is content to be raised by her father alone with her siblings, to her she doesn't need anything more.

Quickly it becomes apparant that Narsil is a mischeif maker, and has a healthy rivalry (see: bullying) of her brother Ramses. Enjoying taunting him and doing her best to get a rise out of him. She also enjoys taunting her sister Kira but finds her harder to break.

Narsil joins her family at the Spectra's Tree doubting the existance of spirits when a cub ghost appears. she is a little surprised at the idea that cubs could be ghosts too.

A war is coming to Ekacia Coast, Drakon moves his children to the Askath Jungle. Narsil is upset but tries to keep it together for their father, yelling at Ramses to be quiet and act grown up. That is until their half-sister Cassandra makes a cutting remark to her siblings. Narsil's rage bubbles over and she refers to the child to only speak when spoken to. Trying to leave Cassandra launches her attack and the two squabble on the floor of the jungle. That is until Hecuba seperates them, Narsil yells for her to never touch her again before fleeing into the jungle.

While cooling off from the suffocating situation in the jungle she is in the Cove watching the crabs scuttle along...

Father: Drakon Tollaire
Mother: Galadriel
Sibling(s): Kira (f) & Ramses (m)
Half-Sibling(s) Cassandra (f) & ....?

(Kira, Ramses & Narsil)

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