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Bronx Latsym
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NAME: Bronx Latsym
AGE: 4 years
BUILD: Large

BORN: September Y2
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
HEIGHT: 3'9"
LENGTH: 6'7"
WEIGHT: 400lbs

MASTER TRADE: Paladin ()
SUB TRADE: Huntsman ()

Master Level 2 Paladin

Sub Master Level 0 Huntsman

Master Trade Experience

+10 Win a fight you did not start (Bronx vs Manes)

+5 Complete a spar fight or win by default (Bronx vs Crina)
+5 Complete a spar fight or win by default (Bronx vs Ambrosine)

+5 Complete a spar fight or win by default (Bronx vs Drakon)

+5 Tell a battle story (Here)

+100 +1 Level to character Class (Here)
+50 - Advent Calendar '19

Sub Trade Experience

Exp here
Legacy Points: 1014

+10 - Winning Who's Who (Harry Potter Edition, Ron Weasley)

+ 30 winning in 3 catergories in Who's Who (August '20)

+ 2 - exploring a new territory (Lava Fields)
+ 10 - completing a thread 20 posts long (graveyard jiggo-loo)

+10 - Making 100 posts (300)

+ 7 - completing a thread 15 posts long
+ 7 - completing a thread 15 posts long
+3 - making an alliance (CP & AJ)

+ 20 Completing a thread 40 posts long
+ 10 Completing a thread 20 posts long
+ 7 Completing a thread 15 posts long
+ 2 Exploring a new territory (Creek)
+ 2 Exploring a new territory (Woodland)
+ 5 Completing a thread with a new character (Jacques)
+ 5 Completing a thread with a new character (Emilie)
+ 3 Making an alliance (CP with AJ)
+ 7 Completing a thread 15 posts long

+ 1 - lost a fight (vs Toshio)

+ 10 – completing a 20 posts long thread (keep my exes in my basement)
+ 5 – completing a thread with a new character (Jyzara)
+ 10 - completing a 20 posts long thread (bang the doldrums)

+5 Complete a thread with a new character (Furia)
+10 Complete a thread 20 posts long (Red Rover)

+7 Complete a thread 15 posts long (Drown you out)
+8 Beat a pride leader in a fight (Manes; Infernia Ridge High King)
+10 Win a judged fight (Bronx vs Manes)

+10 Reach 200 IC posts
+70 June 2020 Writing Frenzy Extra Points (Here)
+100 June 2020 Writing Frenzy Winner (Here)

-100 Extra character slot

+10 Win a judged fight (Bronx vs Crina)
+10 Win a judged fight (Bronx vs Ambrosine)

+10 Win a judged fight (Bronx vs Drakon)

+10 Become a pride leader (Casinira Plateau King)
+15 Complete a thread 30 posts long (Here)

-100 Casinira Plateau Claim

+15 Complete a thread 30 posts long (Act first, think later)

+50 Third place in May 2020 Writing Frenzy (Here)
+75 Extra points in May 2020 Writing Frenzy (Here)

-100 Character slot
+2 Explore a new territory (Canyon)
+2 Explore a new territory (Zantera Falls)
+5 Complete a thread with a new character (Manes)
+6 Level up your class (Level 1 Paladin to Level 2)
+10 Reach 100 IC posts
+15 Complete a thread 30 posts long (My fluff don't mean shit)
+30 Complete a thread with 50+ posts (Ballroom bullet dance)

+ 1 for Joining a new pride by invitation (Askath Jungle)

+ 3 for reaching 25 posts
+ 5 for reaching 50 posts

Bronx is still in his youth, his body has lost most of its baby fat but he is a bit lanky. The young lion's body is coated with a cocoa colored pelt (#6e2501) with lighter points of a lighter brown for his muzzle and beneath his belly (#daa26e). Despite such a dark colored coat his mane stands out, a striking blonde color (#e9d171) it is often well kept as it is his pride and joy. Though naturally it stands up on end along his neck he does slick the top part upon his forehead back. Eyes of vibrant emerald green (#14e314) also assist with a handsome appearance. Full grown now he stands 3'9" and weighs in at a hefty 400lbs.


-- a deep scar above left eye (Y6)
-- four claw marks on either side of his butt above his tail (Y6)
-- three claw marks on his right ribcage (Y6)

Bronx is always down for a good time, you could wake the lad in the middle of the night tell him you want to party and he would be good to go. This means however he can be a bit selfish and he lacks the skills of comfort for others. If someone wants to mope and live in their misery, Bronx is not all for it and if his attempts to cheer you up go unnoticed or met with grumpiness, then he will bounce. Hence he can be selfish.
He also often views situations with others with the eyes of opportunity, he always thinks on what he could get out of it in situations. If he offers to teach you something, then he expects to be taught something in return. Or you are wasting his time which he considers precious. Bronx is unafraid to lighten a room with humor even if it is at his own expense. He is a crowd seeker and craves the energy of being noticed and complimented on. singing and dancing is his way of relaxing and keeping him grounded, without it he can become quite a cranky boy. If he can make your eyes sparkle with his moves then it only helps feed his narcisstic ego, he is very much about his appearance although he has come to terms with scarring. Believing if anyone could make scars sexy it would be him. The biggest thing of his narcissim is his mane is everything to him, he always keeps it slicked back and can be caught admiring himself in reflections of water.

Bronx has a short attention span which means he can be very foolish and inattentive to what is going on around him sometimes. Though he seems like an air head, he is a brutally honest one, he neglects lies or defamation of character, and as such if he is telling something that happened to him you can bet that it is not filled with lies. Though not afraid to battle he prefers to talk it out first, but if he must he will throw down with the best of them. But there is also the stipulation of never hurt the manbits. Bronx can also be a little bit possessive of those he deems close, he also has a very bad inability to let go of grudges often becoming cold to the person who has wronged him. If you break his trust, then you can be expected to jump through hoops to earn it back. Bronx loves cubs and loves teaching them new things, and surprisingly for the lion with a short attention span he can be very patient with the youth. Unless goaded.

The Beginnings

Bronx is the youngest twin son of Ginza Latsym & Chiyo Shaori, raised outside of Valoria far away in a place that had its own beautiful waterfalls and hardships. A warrior pride, most young males were taught the way of fighting beginning age six months until a year where they were given the option to continue training or train in other skills. Female cubs were given the option at eight months to enroll in fight training or continue training in the hunt and healing ways.

However in times of hardship the king, would often ask that the young males of the pride (Ages 1 - 3) choose to stay or to leave. Most of the older ones would leave and return when times flourished again, some did not return at all. Although Bronx was trained in fighting and set to be on the prides guard line though war was unheard of for four generations, he was next in charge of the group in fact he took the option to leave. Despite his delicate mother's pleas to stay, he reassured her that his twin brother Ebisu would be more than enough company in his absence. Though his father was glad to see the back of him, hoping this would straighten out his rebellious son who was beginning to slack off on training opting for singing like his mother and impressing females of his age group. So Bronx along with thirteen others out of fourteen, (Ebisu stayed behind) left their home. This would secure bountiful hunts and food stores for the remaining pride of thirty.

And so the peppy Bronx, who had left his childhood friends behind set out to a new land in hopes of finding new adventures. And maybe some new laid back friends? Or better yet, some pretty lady (or boy) friends!

The Arrival

Bronx arrived in Valoria and quickly became the lion known with the beautiful singing voice. And weird moves but to him it was called 'dancing'. He met Hanneth Queen of Askath Jungle who told him of the spirits and how they controlled things. He did not believe such things until he met a Spirit himself, he went to Askath Jungle with a gazelle to give to Hanneth fulfilling his debt. (he had bet her a gazelle that they did not exist) At the borders he met King Dero who Bronx quickly reassured that he was not there to hook up or pursue Hanneth in that fashion.

Singing he met Caligula whom after some time chatting realized Caligula was indeed male and pining after a island king. He later found out the island king was Sarthak he quickly formed a friendship with both males though he preferred Caligula's more spunky personality.

Lots of shaking and quaking and the world spun upside down so Bronx got lost in his journey back to the original Valoria where he was greeted by Caligula, Ramona, the handsome Roan and the shy Amaterasu. Roan explained he was the son of Dero and excited athte chance ot be an uncle he joined Roan back into Askath Jungle where he congratulated Hanneth and Dero on their mateship.

While exploring the canyon he met up with a lion with a huge mane and a bigger asshole attitude, Manes but determined to make friends whereever he went he got the lion to follow him down into the canyon where they discovered a pile of elephant bones. Although Manes did insult his singing which stung on his pride. Eventually while freeing a bone he sent it flying towards Manes which knocked the man out! Terrified he killed him Bronx rushed to his side and found Manes alright, and even somehow earned his respect and got a punch to the arm! -insert fan boy noise-

While up a tree stuck because of a angry Ostrich a lion named Hibashira approached and saved him, when explaining why he was being chased Hiba informed him that the egg he had taken and broke had a baby bird in it. Alarmed he was also told lizards and fish had eggs! Wtf?

Got a crab attached to his nose, where a strange little cub came up speaking in tongue to help free him of it ! Desi they play a game of hide the shiny pebble in the sand.

Pulled a shark out of the rock pool and was approached by a female cub named Alanze who helped him remove it from the pool and they set it free int the ocean!br>
Hibashira claims Zantera Falls and Bronx is there like a heart beat! He meets Caligula, Sarthak and Manes! While explaining how he knew Hibashira Caligula gets the wrong idea and thinks the pair have had fun. Manes thinks hes there to check out his fluffy arse! But Bronx is more curious about the angry female who seems huffy and leaves. He leaves the claim though is tempted to stay to cause havoc when told to leave by a lioness, out of respect for Hibashira.

Bronx goes to Rsorvic Crater to meet his new niece, excited at the idea of being a uncle! Learns he has five new nephews and nieces to help mold!

Watches Manes challenge for Infernia Ridge and win, is unfazed but believes he is asking for trouble.

Casinira Plateau is disbanded he goes to help clear dead rogues when he is ambushed by Ambrosine, Vermier, Amara and Manes arrives to watch his friend get beaten. Toshio arrives to assist Bronx from getting overwhelmed. the Heiress of the jungle Copree arrives but he is cautious.

While pouting the in waterfall after his fleeing of the ambush, Manes approaches but the damage is done and like men do, Bronx spits words in insult to Ambrosine which angers Manes. Confirming the fact that something was between them, and because boys can only seem to solve their issues with violence they begin to fight. Bronx wins his fight against Manes and tells him that maybe in the future their friendship can be mended but as of now he has zero trust, and to not expect Bronx to come when called.

Bronx goes to Hanneth and Dero to explain his wounds and his wish to take over the Casinira Plateau to keep it safe temporarily from the rogues that stole it. He is given their blessing. And healed up!

King for a Day (CP Rule Y6)

Bronx challenges for Casinira Plateau (Y6) and wins without a fight, but Ambrosine arrives to stir the pot and reveals what went on before. He is being mocked in a language he cannot understand but he believes its mockery due to the constant use of the word 'gazelle' and they keep looking at him... Bronx announces his verision of what went on and how he would not lie about it, but he believes due to this he has lost friendships with Hanneth and Dero. Hibashira defends him but Ambrosine is rude and ignores him, Bronx speaks in their common tongue (Japanese) that it was not Hibashira's fault she was a rude lioness and to forget it.

While making 'statues' in the bushline of Casinira Plateau he is approached by the yearling Pharos he requests to join he agrees after explaining it is a temporary rule he plans to have.

Bronx struts his stuff strengthening his fighting skills, he spars against Corinna from Askath Jungle, Drakon King of Ekacia Coast, and even Ambrosine. He wins all these fights and at the end he asks if this settles the fued between him and Ambrosine, but the answer is vague. Spars Toshio as well but losest his fight to the epxieranced warrior. Bronx manages to take on a injured zebra on his own and store it into the pride's cache.

Bronx succeeds in making an alliance with Rsorvic Crater after explaining to his friends what happened and how Copree is scary as shit.

Approaching Askath Jungle is a event he did not expect an audience for, Dero requests the group to leave them be so only Hanneth and Dero and Bronx remain. Bronx explains what had happened and that Toshio helped him, but Copree did not. And eventually an agreement is made to an alliance with Askath Jungle.

Arriving in the Zantera Falls to try and succeed and alliance here, he is met by a strange lioness (Reed) and Hibashira but before things can be discussed he hears strange roars in Casinira Plateau and excuses himself to rush home.

Arriving in the Plateau he finds double the rogues have arrived to take over Plateau! Bronx bravely (see stupidly) charges in to try and chase them out, unaware of where Pharos is, he chases off a few lionesses but then a big burly male comes and the real fight began. Eventually another male arrives and Bronx realizes he is not fit to fight two males! He is severely injured and flees to Askath Jungle, bloody and beaten he collapses there with blood pouring from the wound above his left eye. Dero finds him and calls for Hanneth to assist in healing. Passing out after talking and agreeing Bronx can live in the Jungle again.

Regular Guy Again

Bronx helps Hanneth escort injured lions/lionesses to the Jungle after Zantera Falls is over come with the rogues too!

While building his own dummy statues on the Askath Jungle he is followed by the weird and silent Reed ---

Bronx decides to race boulders if he can get them loose in the mountain to try and keep up his speed. ---

In the Lava Fields Bronx is trying to free a elephant tusk sticking out of the cooled earth. ---

Direct Line

Mother Chiyo Shaori
Father Ginza Latsym
Littermate(s): Ebisu (m) & Bina (f)
Sibling(s): Kani (F), Midori (F), Hisoka (m), Asafa (m), Hami (m)

Paternal Grandfather: Konor Latsym
Paternal Grandmother: Ophelia
Maternal Grandfather: Hibiki Shaori
Maternal Grandmother: Ayano


Great Grandmother (x6 gen) Mayai Tarilso
Great Grandfather (x6 gen) Ekaj Latsym (Jake Mystal)
Great Uncle(s) (x5 gen) Barq, Remedios, Hamiliton
Other Line related to? Satoshi through Adoption of Urchen Satoshi by Mayai Tarilso.

Bros// Caligula, Sarthak, Hibashira, Jacques
Trusts// Toshio, Ramona, Sarthak, Caligula
Knows of// Raon, Ramona, Emilie, Vermier, Ambrosine, Reed, Jyzara
Mate(s)// ---
Flings(s)// Jyzara

On Edge

Dislikes// Furia, Copree
Distrust// Copree, Marcella, Anibal, Manes, Ambrosine, Amara, Vermier, Hanneth, Dero
Loathes// Amara, Vermier, Furia
Eternal Rival// ---
Boring// ---

Skill Set

-- Can speak fluent Japanese
-- Has a slight accent
-- Loves to sing & dance
-- Knows Basic French so far thanks to Jacques
-- Love is love, and to love many is a gift (translation, he's bi and poly)
-- his singing voice is Cody Carson (lead singer of Set it Off)

Song List (boy has range

-- My oh My – Camilla Cabello, -- Immortals – Fall Out Boy, -- Like it Or Not – Get Scared, -- Nightmare – Halsey, --King for a Day – Peirce the Veil, -- Go to Bed Angry – Set it Off, -- Bad Guy – Set it Off, -- Talk Dirty (cover) – Set It Off, -- Why Worry – Set it Off, -- Ancient History – Set it Off, -- Midnight Thoughts - Set it Off, -- M w/o Us – Set it Off, -- Problem (Cover) – Set it Off, -- Raise No Fool – Set it off, -- Uptown Funk (Cover) – Set it Off

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