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Jyzara Donner
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NAME: Jyzara Donner
AGE: 4
BUILD: Large

BORN: December Y1
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Pansexual

MASTER TRADE: Huntsman ()
SUB TRADE: Paladin ()

Master Level 1 Huntsman

Sub Master Level 1 Paladin

Master Trade Experience

+50 Advert 2019

Sub Trade Experience

+5 Take part in an organized hunt using the hunt system
+5 Take part in an organized hunt using the hunt system
+5 Take part in an organized hunt using the hunt system

+30 Age bonus 4 years old

Legacy Points: 543

+10 - Reach 200 IC posts
+50 - Third place (August 2020 Writing Frenzy)
+87 - Extra points (August 2020 Writing Frenzy)

+5 threaded with new character (Caligula)
+5 threaded with new character (Sarthak)
+7 finish a thread 15 posts longs

+10 Become leader
+15 Finish thread 30 posts
+5 Met new character (Marcella)
+2 Explore new territory (Waterfall)
+7 Complete thread 15 posts long
+4 Took part in a pride hunt
+4 Took part in pride hunt
+4 Took part of a pride hunt
+5 Met a new character (Bronx)
+2 Explore new land (Dark Manor)
+10 20 posts in thread
+3 Make 25 posts
+5 Make 50 posts
+10 Make 100 posts

-100 claiming pride

+45 June 2020 Writing Frenzy (Here)
+53 May 2020 Writing Frenzy (Here)

+1 Join a new pride by invitation (Zantera Falls)
+2 Explore a new territory (Zantera Falls)
+2 Explore a new territory (Ekacia Coast)
+6 Become a Duchess (Zantera Falls)
+6 Level up your class (Level 0 Outlaw to Level 1)
+6 Level up your class (Level 0 Paladin to Level 1)
+10 Complete a thread 20 posts long (lets go)
+30 Complete a thread 50+ posts long (Ballroom bullet dance)

At a glance, one can easily tell that Jyzara isnt a normal lioness. Infact, she has some key traits that make her stand out. Starting with her pelt, the simple differences. Her base pelt is mostly a golden hue. Yet red stains many places on her body. Reg leggings make their way up all four legs, fading out towards the top. This same darker red is present in her eye lids, and making up a nose blaze that stops between her acid green eyes. She also sports a half mane of this color, slight highlights of lighter and even darker red though the mohawk. Then there is the horizontal red striping that covers her back. Markings: Half mane, Leggings, Dark eye lids, Nose Blaze, Global striping
She is a female on a mission. This female is always moving with a purpose and a reason. Even if the reason isn’t that good of one. Any excuse to move and let off energy is welcomed by her. She will never be one to sit back and let others do the work. She would rather do everything herself, and it get done right, then watch others do it for her. Tom boy by nature she isn’t afraid to get dirty to complete a task. Jyzara is a fairly outgoing kind of gal. Friendly is her default nature, same with being kind hearted. She would rather have a friendly chat, be a bit flirty, have fun, cut loose. Preferring to get along with others when she can. Helping those in need. And believes in second chances for others to a point. If they want to change, she is all about it. But her mistrust is still present.And any move that can cause harm to those she loves and she will defend them to her last breath. And her tolerance fades should they prove untrustworthy. After being betrayed, she is a lot more weary of others. Even if she doesn’t show it right off. Her friendly nature, while is her default for dealing with others, she keeps herself closely guarded and doesn't want to let others in. She highly mistrust others, even if she believes they are truly good. She just doesnt trust her own judgment anymore. Not after even her family betrayed her. So now while she tries to believe the best in others, and that’s what she shows. It’s more a mask she wears to hide her own insecurities. She is also very fierce. Not taking crap from anyone. She will do what it takes to protect herself and hers. Not hesitating to jump into a dominance match should she feel the need to do so. She generally doesn’t feel the need to prove her dominance until someone tries to force her to do something. Also having a strong sense of morals and a slight mistrust she wont hesitate to defend those that she believes needs it. Feeling little sympathy for those that abuse their power, or try to force their will on others, she will not hesitate to fight. She is very protective of those she believes to be hers or young. They must to be protected with everything she believes to be a threat. Part of this also make her defiant. She doesn’t mind following rules up to a point. Or following commands. But as soon as she believes those “above” her to be wrong, she will not hesitate to say something. With the way she grew up, she has very little concept of gender in the terms most people have with them. She also polyamorous, believing someone can love more then one other being at a time. Gender has no bearing in this as well.
She grew up in a large family that ruled. And she felt pressured into ruling at a young age, thinking it was the only way to please her family. To make a name for herself. But it was hard on her. She was a naturally forgiving lioness, and believed in second chances. But she was looked down on for this nature, being called soft. And someone abused her trust. Turning on her and targeting her loved ones, after she gave them a second chance. At such a young age, only a teen, she had to right the wrong, and chose to kill the offender. She hated having to do it, but it was for the protection of her family. Growing bitter for what her family had become later in her adulthood, as her land suffered from greed, she choose to leave and change her name. Determined to start anew and create something better.

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