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Gabriel X'uekai
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Askath Jungle


NAME: Gabriel X'uekai
AGE: 4 years
BUILD: Large

BORN: June Y2
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
WEIGHT: 550lbs

MASTER TRADE: Gladiator ()
SUB TRADE: Paladin ()

Master Level 2 Gladiator

Sub Master Level 0 Paladin

Gladiator Trade Experience

+50 Advent Calendar 2019 (Day Five)
+10 Claim a lioness or cub (Aarani, double exp event)
+10 Challenge for a rank (AJ Lord, double exp event)
+10 Complete a spar fight (vs. Tova, double exp event)
+10 Take part in an organized hunt using the hunt system (AJ pride hunt, double exp event)
+20 Win a fight you started (vs. Dior for dominance, double exp event)

Paladin Trade Experience

Legacy Points: 156

+57 - Extra points September 2020 Writing Frenzy (Here)

+10 - January 2020 Who's Who Flowers Edition (Lavender)

A child of immense proportions, he will come to easily tower over each of his siblings in a short time. His coat is a washed out color, a dull white with little to no pigment. Blue eyes hold uneven pupils, one larger and taking up the majority of his eye while the other is of normal size. Thick, dark gray hair adorns his head, and it will grow into a massive mane as he ages. A goatee, much like his father's, decorates his chin - giving him a more refined look. Features are sharp, angled and aristocratic. Stripes kiss his shoulders and wrists, delicate in appearance, while the rest of him is rather simple in comparison.
Sorrow rests on his shoulder like a heavy blanket. He is consumed by it, convinced that it follows him like the haunting horse of death. Each time he loves, each time he opens up - tragedy strikes and he is left alone. Alone in a world he did not ask to be in. Blood courses through his veins, of the devil and the siren - condemning him to a life of chaos and deceit. He is evil even though he does not want to be. There is an undeniable urge to destroy everything in his path; a darkness that whispers to him in his weakest moments. Still, he tries. To grasp at the light as if it were some lifeline to be claimed, hoarded and greedily kept. He aches to find something, someone - that will keep his demons at bay and help him be who he wishes to be. Has the darkness gone? N̨̽ͮͮͣ̒ͩ̔ͥ̀̉ͭ̓ͭ͘͞҉̵̠̣͙͇͈̠̩͕̬̳̭ͅͅe̶ͮ̒͌̑ͯ͋̃͒͘͡͏͇̞͕̖̦͎̦̙͓̫͈͖͓̲ͅͅv̛ͤͫ̏́̋ͭ͊̎͘͞͏̗͖̳̠̜̜̻ȩ̵̖̬̫͎̯͓̥̠̝͙̗̭̹̱͔̗̗́ͥ̀͐ͪ̐ͬ̀͂ͬ͌̌͐̇̊͊̊ͧͅŗ̱̥͕̼͍̪̘̓̓̆͗ͩͮ͊̈́ͣ͗͒͛̽ͬ̋̏͜.̔͒ͮ͊͛̀̚͏̷̹͓͓͇̞̠̦̳̞̰͚̺̟
Gabriel was born in a land of violence and war. His parents were that of devils and demons and he was raised to be such, yet the boy has forever fought the darkness that lingers inside of his soul. Disowning his mother after she murdered his best friend and first love in front of him, watching his father die in front of him, Gabriel took to being alone. Soon, however, he found love - and with that love, came tragedy. With his first wife dying in childbirth, Gabriel spent a long time alone and trying to raise his children the best he could. Soon he came to fall for a lioness that aided in helping with his children, and she bore him more cubs to call his own. But Fate is cruel and death follows this boy. A flood, unforgiving and wild, took his entire family - or at least he can only assume. After searching for months, Gabriel arrives in Valoria, starved and resentful toward the world.
Renozuri x Nikiri
i. Byrn, Layla, & Roanoke
ii. Gabriel, Sassan, & Azmoday

Renozuri x Icefang
i. Andras & Velasco

Renozuri x Magdalene
i. Arcania & Moses

Renozuri x Byrn
i. Reese, Atalante, & Roanoke II

Renozuri x Morticia
i. Shiitake, Calvatia, Morel

Renozuri x Keith
i. Kennedy & Spencer

Renozuri x Aphrodite
i. Morana & Kallistrate

Prides & Ranks
- Rogue Lion
Entered Valoria, Year 5

- Askath Lion
Joined under Hanneth & Dero's Reign, Year 5

- Rogue Lion
Returned to Valoria after searching for family, Year 6

- Askath Lion
Re-joined under Hanneth & Dero's Reign, Year 6

- Askath Lord
Challenged for Lord, Year 6

⚔ Victories & Defeats ☠
Spirit (1/5)
☑ Stay in Valoria for a full ic year without leaving.
☐ Die as an elder.
☐ Die at Spectra's Tree or be taken there after death.
☐ Be given a funeral or ceremony after death.
☐ Have been a Leader at some point.
☐ Earn 1500 or more points.
☐ Have 1000 or more posts.
☐ Have reached level 3 in their master class or sub class.
☐ Have 5+ IC awards.
Deity (0/5)
☐ Make 2000 posts.
☐ Earn 2500 points.
☐ Win 1 Death Match
☐ Win 5 judged fights.
☐ Participate in 2 raids or skirmishes
☐ Explore all territories.
☐ Have won Lion of the Month
☐ Have reached Master level in their master class.
☐ Be a leader for 3 IC years (Over time).
☐ Be on valoria for 5 IC years (No drops).
☐ Become a great-great-grandparent.
☐ Have 10+ IC awards.

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