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NAME: Flare
AGE: 2.6 Years
BUILD: Medium

BORN: April, 2018
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
GENDER: Female

MASTER TRADE: Huntsman ()
SUB TRADE: Assassin ()

Master Level 0 Huntsman

Sub Master Level 0 Assassin

Huntsman Trade Experience

+10 - coming in at 2 years

Assassin Trade Experience

+5 Teach herbology trivia to someone (down with the sickness)
+5 Practice running/speed (down with the sickness)
Legacy Points:


A creamy orange lioness with swirling, thick stripes of a darker shade cutting through her fur. Below, her undersides are a lighter shade of orange than her pelt.
Her eyes are a bright yellow and often narrowed in challenge.

Bold, vivacious and ready to rock!

Flare has a tendency to be headstrong, often doing and then thinking after the fact when she's fired up. Her head isn't entirely empty though, as her cunning and sense of strategy have helped her out of many a situation.

Born to a small coastal pride with values based upon being true to one's name, Flare was destined to be a spitfire from the day she was born.

Her father Torch was a warrior of the pride, assigned to the rank and finally named once he'd reached two months and his personality began showing through. This set him on the path to battle training once he was old enough.

Her mother was given the name Shoal when she was placed on the path of a fisher, and shortly after her second year was mated to Torch by way of trade arrangements between their families. And not long after that, Flare and her siblings were born.

Flare was born in a litter of three with her two brothers, nameless until their second month when they males were named Blaze and Spark. They were expected to follow the same path as their father, continuing the line of strong warriors within the pride. This came as a surprise to no one.

She had been named Thrift, after the pink blossoms that grew in clumps at the edge of the beaches. Her lot in life was to be gathering materials for the pride as a collector, sourcing things from herbs to hides from old kills. She was a professional scavenger.

As a cub, she had been disappointed in this placement but young enough that the majority of that came from knowing she would see her brothers less once she was older. As she grew, so did her resentment. She wanted to be more, to have the coveted status of fighter and protector. It led to increasing tension between her and her family as well as the pride leadership that held fast to more traditional roles.

Eventually, her second year came and she was told that she was to be mated to one of the sons of an allied prides king. It was an obvious attempt to finally be rid of her and her miserable attitude, and she took it as personal as it was.

She'd had a final, fateful fight with her family before she left. Nearly coming to blows before her father threw her to the ground and pricked his claws warningly into her throat, telling her that the sooner she was gone then the sooner his family could have some modicum of honor again.

The next day she was off to her new home, escorted by an emissary of her pride and two warriors to ensure that they made the short journey unscathed. Allegedly.

Thrift did not stay with her new pride very long. It had been a week. The majority of the pride members were neutral or at least polite to her, but the values aligned gratingly closely to her birth pride. Enough that she was slowly rankling more and more individuals, including her mate Shahram.

[CW unwelcome s*xual advance]

The young lion was at most several months older than herself, but treated her as if he had several lifetimes of experience more than her in everything. The final straw came when he tried to mate with her, and he as a result received a vicious swipe across the face that also sliced through one of his ears, shocking them both.

While he was still reeling from the blow to his face, something in Thrift told her that it was now or never. Before she even knew what that meant, her paws were moving. And she was running. And she kept running until her mates roars were lost to the wind, and the scents and sights were unfamiliar.

Through creeks to wet the scent from her paws and thick clusters of herbs to further hide her flight. She didn't stop until she collapsed, and then slept mercifully without being stirred. When she woke, she knew that she could never go back.

Her future was uncertain, and that filled her gut with dread. But also hope. She didn't have to be Thrift the scavenger or traded bride, she could show whatever face she wanted to and no one could stop her.

So, she became Flare. A name like the one she had been denied as a cub, both in spite and as a refusal to forgive and forget.

She spent her first morning of freedom watching the sun rise over the horizon, lighting up her fur with the color of flames.


Birth Family

Mother: Shoal (NPC)
Father: Torch (NPC)
Siblings: Blaze (NPC) and Spark (NPC)

Family Unit

Mate(s): n/a
Offspring: n/a

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Personality headshot by Eerien00dle
Family members lineart by Kite

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