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Shahram Shahzadeh
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NAME: Shahram Shahzadeh
AGE: 2
BUILD: Large
EYE COLOR: Full Heterochromia; Green Yellow

BORN: August, Year 5
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
LENGTH: 7'10

SUB TRADE: Informant ()

Legacy Points:

Black Coat//Leggings//Extra Fluff//Widow's Peak x2//Black Splotch//Grey Face Frame//

A large, black furred lion with a wavy white mane that cascades down his neck and chest, encapsulating both forelegs. Near perfection if not for the spot of black that interrupted the snowy locks upon his left leg.

And of course the nasty scars that slash across his face, resulting in a completely split ear.

His eyes, hypnotizing, an odd pair of a piercing yellow and an ominous green.
+ Dramatic, Strapping, Dionysian
Very flamboyant in nature, Shahram isn't afraid to flaunt about and show himself off. Especially if his displays swoon the hearts of those around him.

= Hypnotic, Leisurely, Debonair
Shahram has a certain way with others, one that draw in their attention and keeps it, whether it be his nonchalant attitude or his regal upholding, he's bound to keep eyes upon him when he wants them.

- Vain, Callous, Deceitful
Not one to get his claws dirty, Shahram is the type to have others do his less than savory work for him. He's an ex-prince and he knows it! How would treating peasants as equals benefit him? He couldn't care less, though the smile upon his lip my lull those around him into thinking otherwise.
Shahram was born the oldest of a litter of 4, the title of heir to the throne, a birthright bestowed upon him from the moment he took his first breath. He, alongside his brother Sargon and his sisters Mahin and Ester, were raised up as royalty, their views on life and the world around them being set a caliber above the rest. They were perfect.

Everything was perfect.

And then it was revealed that Queen Ziba had grown heavy once more with cubs once again. A miracle pregnancy, Shahram was told. A miracle that drew unwanted attention from many angles within the pride. The young prince never did quite forget the face his father, their King wore upon hearing the news. And soon the miracles were born, two cubs that appeared much different than Shahram and his siblings. With the addition of these two strange furred cubs, their family grew, and with it came a tension that began to tear at the seams of their relations.

At the age of one year, Shahram met his first challenge for his title. His own brother rose to face him in a duel of strength and power. A display to showcase their powers and prove which of them truly earned the right to future throne. With an audience of the entire ruling family, the match was set. It was a trade of blows, each slap was met with a more ferocious impact.

Now Shahram, age one, was not a fighter by any means. He had the size and natural strength about him, but being one to value his appearance, never did he want to be tossed into the throughs of battle. However, what Shahram did have was a surprising cunning wit that he used to exploit weakness in his brother. His brother didn't have the size that Shahram had, and in one swift motion, Shahram ended the fight. The true prince slammed his brother to the ground, twisting his paw awkwardly under his weight. Sargon refused to stand once their father commanded them to. He couldn't.

And Shahram relished in the victory.

As time passed, Sargon's limp and scowl remained. Contrarily, Shahram had grown into a strong and confident lion, his mane growing fuller than the likes of either of his brothers. Their father looked upon him with pride. Perfect. Soon, an alliance began to form between their pride and the pride off to the west. One that hugged the coastline, with traditions unlike their own. One such tradition being odd, short and simple names. In time, it was announced that he, the proper prince, would be betrothed to a young maiden from this foreign pride. While the idea wasn't exactly what he would have come up with, he certainly wasn't complaining when finally meeting this mysterious lioness.

Her fur glowed like a wild fire and her eyes blinded him with their intensity. Shahram thought it funny that a bright star such as her be given a name such as Thrift. Nevermind her name however, it was the rest of her that Shahram took fancy in. Though quickly that spark between them would run thin, with an assumption on his part (After all, what was it that mates were supposed to do other than just that?) that would result in a painfully slash of his perfect face and the ruin of his perfect world.

He was supposed to be beautiful! He was supposed to have a beautiful mate at his side! He was to be a king!

And yet, as he lost sight of the fire that has struck him, searing deep marks into his flesh that would forever be a reminder, his birthrights toppled one by one in rapid succession soon after. Starting with the immediate repercussions from his father. The truce coming to an abrupt halt at the loss of the neighboring pride's only daughter. And then...

The second challenge. Though Sargon was not the one to step to Shahram, no. The miracle son, Shapur, the scruffy, ratty cub that only grew lanky with time. He dare challenge Shahram? Even their sisters tried to dissuade the younger male to back down, for he stood no chance. Sargon remained silent. Shapur, persistent, pressed on with his decision. Much to the family's surprise, Gazsi agreed to let the match carry on. With blood still fresh on his face, Shahram was once again thrown into his punishment. A fight for his place in the pride.

Claws flew and teeth tore, fur scattered about the dusty ground. A quick and vicious fight, far more brutal than before. Shapur knew he wouldn't win honorably. There was no chance. So it came to no surprise when the pawful of dirt slammed into his face and blinded him in a burning cloud. A roar escaped Shahram, and the the final blow of the battle. Shahram was knocked over, shoved and flipped over from beneath his chin and slammed onto his back beneath Shapur. The family watched in awe. Shahram froze.

The king and queen roared, announcing the victor to be the young brother, ripping away Shahram's princehood right out from under him and turning his entire world on its head.

All because of that girl.

It was that moment that Shahram decided. He was too good for this pride anyway. He would be ruling over cicada shells and dust in this place anyway. He quickly rose to his paws, a snarl splashed across his face.

He cast one final angry glare towards the world he once knew, and turned on his heels.

Shahram ran, the scent of fire still hot on his nose. This desire to track down the flame that burned him so thoroughly fueled him to enter the plains of Valoria, a strange new land full of new experiences to come for the ex-prince.
Birth Lineage

Father: Gazsi Shahzadeh (Npc)
Mother: Ziba Shahzadeh (Npc)
Brother(s): Sargon Shahzadeh (Npc), Shapur Shahzadeh (Npc)
Sister(s): Mahin Shahzadeh(Npc), Ester Shahzadeh (Npc), Shahnaz Shahzadeh (Npc)

Uncle(s): Darius Shahzadeh (Npc)
Aunt(s): Banu Ali (Npc), Jazmin Shahzadeh (Npc), Nasrin Shahzadeh (Npc)


Mate(s): N/a
Offspring: N/a

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