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Belial Miroslav
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JOINED: 10-17-2020
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NAME: Belial Miroslav
AGE: 4y 4m
BUILD: Large
PELT COLOR: Dark Brown

BORN: Jun Y2
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil
HEIGHT: 4' 2"
LENGTH: 8' 2"

MASTER TRADE: Assassin ()
SUB TRADE: Gladiator ()

Master Level 1 Assassin

Sub Master Level 0 Gladiator

Master Trade Experience

+30 Joined at 4 y/o

Sub Trade Experience

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Till the Smoke Clears out

I'ma rip this shit till my bone collapse

4' 2" height — 8' 2" length — 550lb weight
large build, muscular, scar covered
Dark Brown Hide — Silver Eyes — Under Eye Dots

Current condition:
Healthy, all scars healed

A hulking beast of muscle and sinew, Belial is at the largest he could be. Born the fourth of his siblings, he inherited his family genetics. A pelt of dark caramel covers much of his hide, lighter unders the color of toffee grace his frame. Beneath each silver eye are toffee colored dots from corner to corner. On his right there are five, and his left, there are four. His mane is a deep russet on the top, darkening to black near the ends. This mane is well developed and extends down his shoulders, and well into the sides of his stomach.

Beneath that caramel colored pelt lie muscles that are formed from years of training and practice. Above the pelt lie a myriad of scars that criss cross his hide. Testaments to the battles he had entered and won. Across his face lies a scar from right to left, the most prominent of the ones on his face. In fact, it causes a split across his upper left lip, leaving the top of his muzzle looking slightly deformed. There is one other that sticks out - a set of wide claw marks across his right shoulder.



Bettah back down

You're in my domain

Patriarchal — Sexist — Vindictive — Protective
Loyal to a fault
Ambitious — Bloodthirsty — Callous — Calculating

As with many Miroslavs, he is loyal to his family. When pressed with a choice between choosing to side with a member of blood and an ally of words, he will always side with the family member. When it comes to his loyalty, there is one member of the family that he will follow unflinchingly. Dante, the current Patriarch, and his elder brother. He will follow the orders without fail, and with a single minded intensity. However, with family, he may remain loyal, but he does have his own decisions on how things will work.

Those that wrong him or his family are likely to have a silver eyed demon lurking in the background until he decides that recompense has been claimed. Belial has the ability to carry a grudge until his dying breath, and finds the task of exacting revenge enjoyable. He is bloodthirsty and the idea of getting into a fight often heats his blood and excites him. The beast is just a hair shy of bite first and ask questions later.

When it comes to speech, he tends to remain silent, allowing his siblings to fill the silence with their own words. Belial is likely to lurk in the background rather than step up front. Unless it is to defend his family. In that instance, he will likely be the first to leap forward to sink tooth and claw into their enemies. Belial feels that better he be the injured - rather than put his family at risk.

From birth, Belial knew that his role in the family was not to lead, but instead to protect those that would lead. Not that he feels his life is worth any less, but put simply - in the grand scheme of things, it is not he who is destined for anything great. Training with his father and the rest of his family, Belial learned to fight. He learned as he grew that his place was not in the front, but in the back; guarding the rear.

In addition, Belial has taken upon himself the 'darker' aspects of the familial deeds. He is likely to be the first that would strike out alone in order to ensure that a threat to the family is ended before it can become a problem. ie he is likely to strike in the dark before anyone gets hurt. Belial has followed his elder brother unfailingly since they were born, taking to heart his place in the family.
As of yet, he has not taken a mate, nor has he born children of his loins. Perhaps strange for the Miroslavs, but his duties to the family come before his duties to his hormones.
Agrippa Miroslav x Sorcha Miroslav
Valerian ♂, Daw ♂, Andraste ♀

Agrippa Miroslav x Rosefall Celestine
Julius ♂, Claudia ♀

Agrippa Miroslav x Collete
Diantha ♀

Agrippa Miroslav x Sorcha Miroslav
Dante ♂, Varius ♂, Bellona ♀, Belial ♂

Agrippa Miroslav x Sorcha Casimir Miroslav Harrow ♂, Hana ♀, Garuda ♀, Halcyone ♂ Agrippa Miroslav x Sorcha Casimir Miroslav Androphagos ♂, Narcissa ♀, Virgil ♀, Ezekiel ♂ Agrippa Miroslav x Sorcha Casimir Miroslav Achilles ♂, Melinoe ♀, Atalanta ♀, Orla ♀
--Females that are in the family are allowed to prove themselves.. Females outside the family that think they have power need to be put in their place.
--The family females aren't "beneath" his notice, but he doesn't pay much attention to them until they're a year old and can start to be useful to the family name.
--He would strongly encourage his daughters into political marriages... IE he ships them off ASAP.
--His mates are beholden to him and him alone. Any that stray are killed/sterilized and any young from them are treated the same. (They are after all tainted in some way to make them have cheated.. therefor the children would be tainted.. Bad for bloodline)
--He's ambitious. If it's not a member of his family leading, he will do his damndest to usurp and take control of the pride.
--Revenge is his middle name. Barbatos/Belial (Depending on what you're col with) would be more than happy to take on the role of knife/assasin for the family. He would be likely to follow and make someone who crossed him miserable.
--His own sons, he would train from birth to take on the mantle of Miroslav. If they were to act against the family (Same for the daughters) he would go out of his way to kill them for it. Just stripping the name isn't enough. Ensuring they can't come back on the family is A++.
--Follows the rule of the patriarch unflinchingly.. Maybe blindly. (A character flaw if I can pull it off.)
--Other members of the family are listened to, but he isn't likely to do as they say unless it follows with his own personal agenda.

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