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It's Getting Spooky In Heree
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10-08-2020, 08:40 PM

October is HERE!

This year, we will have a number of events for you to take part in. Enjoy.

Trick and Treat are Back

The tethers that held them so tightly weak now.
From the ground, the spirits rise.
They come and play with those in these lands.
In they come and out they go.
They visit but the living will never know,
are they there for a trick or a treat?

Ready or not, they are coming. Till the end of Oct the twins may show up in any AW thread. They will pop in with their trick or treat and in order to get the reward, you will need to complete the task they give you or exit the thread. All threads will need 10 posts.

If you DO NOT want them to show up but still wish to have an AW, just make a note at the top of your post.

Spirits and Deities Can Roam

From now till the end of the month spirits and deities can go to any Neutral Territory. They can start or join AW threads. Just make sure you finish up by the end of the month!

Ghosts! Ghosts! Ghosts!

Ghosts are able to post in AW threads at the tree!
Along with that, any ghost that makes 100 posts or more (now till nov 8th) can be upgraded to Spirit.

Don't have a ghost but want to take part in this?
From the posting of this to Oct 15 you can either bring in a ghost or use one you already have.
Adding: Any ghost can come in, their back story must be that they died here in Valoria. They can not have died elsewhere and poof they are here.

Q: Can I bring in a ghost that was once a character on an older version of Val?
A:Yes but they can only remember happy things, mates, direct family, close friends, and ties to certain lands if they are happy memories. No drama, feuds, or grudges are allowed to be remembered.

All ghosts must follow the rules for ghosts.

Hunt them down!

On Oct 15th brooms will be sweeping around the site and it will be your job to collect them all! More information will be coming closer to the start date for it.

Enjoy the month! Have fun with everything offered and if you have any questions, please ask staff.

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