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10-14-2020, 07:41 PM

The tower rises up in front of you. Halloween again and you're still trucking around places that you probably don't want to be. The path to the entrance is a long and winding one, and you honestly wonder more then once why you came all the way out here. In front of the tower is a rusted old gate, broken open on it's hinges. Ah, nice, you think, perfectly creepy. You snap a few photos hoping the lighting is good enough that something will come out. After all, look at that full moon. You wonder if Blood moons are actually a thing and are kind of mad that the internet doesn't work this far out.

Done with your inspection of the spooky vibes of the rod iron gate you walk through the courtyard. It's a little run down, but not completely unkempt, it has signs of life here and there. You can hear the wicker of horses in the stables nearby (you tried to peek in to see them, but they seemed to hide from you). Oh well, its too dark for animal photos anyway. You're about to turn and leave; its private property (probably) and all when you hear something that is very much not horses coming from the castle. There is a moment of debate in your head whether you walk away now or go and find out what that was. If this was a horror movie...

The courtyard leads to the base of the castle and you can see the door at the top of a stone staircase. You take a step forward and your foot goes splat in a puddle of water. Your sock is wet. Your day is instantly ruined. The water is dripping down the staircase and puddled on the muddy ground right before it. Your mind is still on your wet sock. Gritting your teeth you take the stair to the door and knock on it. The strange sounds are louder, but you can't make them out at all. You press your ear to the wooden door and... your positive its a cry for help.

You reach for the iron door handle and pull, but it doesn't give. You yank again, putting your back into it and the door whines open. A slosh of knee high water assaults you and if you hadn't been holding onto the door you might have been swept back down the stairs too! You now have two wet socks. How dare you try to help someone, says the universe.

"Hey! Over here!" Your feet are so wet right now it doesn't even matter, there seems to be no end to the water, though its now down to your ankles instead of your knees. Nothing will save your shoes or feet so you just try to walk normally. The stone floor below feels like ice under your feet and you wish for something to hold on to. It doesn't take long until your standing in the middle of the room looking at what must have been someone's study. A stone table with a large book and a familiar monster sits on top of it.

"You again!?" The charmonster squeaks indignantly as you cross your arms over your chest. You can turn around at any time. "No wait!" It looks around nervously. "You have to help! I came to ask the wizard for a cure for my allergies and I somehow ended up his apprentice for the last few months!" The water rolls around your feet, the charmonster needs to hurry up you don't like standing here. "I was suppose to fill the well! But I don't like water so I made a broom do it instead! Only it didn't stop! I tried everything! I even burned it!" The open flame of the charmonster's tail waves before your eyes. "But it split into a bunch of pieces and now they're all trying to fill the already full well!" It struggles to stand on the stone table. "I found the spell that'll make them stop, but if I get in that water I'll... Anyway! If you can bring them all here I can cast the spell! But you have to bring them all or they wont stop! Please help!"

Third Annual Valorian Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

- There are 25 brooms wandering around the site, find them all and get a grand prize!
- Top three finders will be rewarded!
- Any who submit any amount will be rewarded with 15 points per broom!
- No Cheating! Don't share your finds with anyone else!
- Use of the search function to find the hunt items is strictly forbidden.
- You have until Halloween night to summit your findings to Naya! all PMs must be marked no later then 11:59 October 31st GMT -5
- You must provide Must provide A) a link to the area B) a screen cap of where the broom was found or C) a description of the sprite [color] and the name of the place you found it in.
Sample of images [THIS DOES NOT COUNT]:


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