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October Update
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10-15-2020, 09:48 PM

October Update

It's gonna be a long one, stick with us. There is a little gift for you in here.

House Keeping Items


When talking with other members, please remember to be kind and respectful. While we know that things can get heated sometimes, please keep in mind that we are all people looking for a place to relax and enjoy ourselves. If someone does upset you, if you can, try to talk it out with them. Let them know that they have upset you. If you would like a staff member to be apart of the talks, we can do that for you. Just let one of us know. Be kind. Build each other up. Remember that Valoria is the reason we are all here and drama isn't needed.

A note to returning members

We know that there is a lot of history with old characters but at times, it can get a bit much to see the talk turn back to old lions so often. Please keep in mind that not everyone is from an older version of Valoria and hearing talk about older lions can make some members feel that there are cliques and we want everyone to feel welcomed. We address some things here please take a look.

Double Exp extended

Any trade threads that were started in Sept can be ended in Oct and still claim the double exp.


→ We have taken away the ability to @everyone and @here. This will now just be for Staff use. We hope this helps.
→ Respect. Kindness. Helpfulness. These are what we ask for in Discord.
→ If someone is talking about something, try not to walk over them or throw away what they are talking about.
→ Please take a look at the #welcome to Valoria channel to learn about each channel.
→ We will be adding pinned messages with rules for each channel, this is going to take some time so look for them as you go to a channel.
→ Please keep IC talk in Gen chat positive. Please do not force your thoughts/feelings/etc onto someone else's character. Do not assume that someone else's character is going to be feeling or doing something unless that person has stated it.

Claiming Trade Exp

It came up that there was some confusion about what could be claimed and how often.
→ We do not have a set limit per trade level per thread.
→ You can NOT claim the same exp for both trade levels. One or the other.
If you have done this, please let staff know so that your account can be adjusted.
→ Hunt threads do not need to be 10 posts to be counted for exp.
→ Please only post to claim the exp when you have exited, the updates board is not a place to store your links. Please use your post log for that. (This also goes for any of the update spaces.)

*Note since I have seen it come up a few times in the last week: You CAN claim your exp for your sub trade and you CAN use the perks for level 1-3. You CAN NOT use the sub master perk until you have maxed out your Master trade. Hope that helps clear things up.

Requesting a thread to be archived or deaded

When requesting that a thread is moved because it is finished or dead, please make sure you follow the following.
Asking for a thread to be archived, please do not post before others have had a chance to exit.
No posts in 1 month, 1/2 characters are inactive, etc.
All characters exited OR at least one character has exited and its been one month since said exit.

Posting Order

We are asking that all members keep posting order in mind. If you need to skip someone, wait 3 days, or reach out and ask them. Remember that folks have lives outside of here and giving them a chance to reply is part of being kind and respecting that.

Member Center Changes

As requested by many members, we moved things around for easier viewing. Challenges are listed on the main page now. We also have ! next to the news buttons so you know when something has been added. If we double up on news for some reason !! will be added. This can not be cleared by clicking it, sorry. We have to manually add it and take it down.

New Things to Look For

Trigger Warning

We now have a trigger warning image. This is to be used in ALL posts that contain things that may be triggering to others. This needs to be used along with the M tag. It must be placed at the top of each post and the reason for the trigger warning needs to be listed under it. Please leave it as the size it is. It is supposed to catch your eye and not be missed.


<img src="https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/485139192628903975/765280953324535818/riggerwarnin1.png?width=577&height=454"> <br><font color="red"><b>REASON FOR TRIGGER WARNING</b></font>

New Table Plugin

You may have seen and are likely using it already but as a reminder we do have the new table plug in. If you are unsure how to use it, it is explained here. If you have other questions or need more details, feel free to ask.

New OOC points

+1 take part in an OOC game
+10 caught being helpful to a new member(this can be submitted by other members or staff but can not be submitted by the member themself.)
+10 adopt a cub from someone
+10 adopt an adult from someone
+10 for each year you are active on Valoria. (based on the opening of your OOC account)
+50 Celebrating 5 years active on the site since joining. (+ your 10)
+100 Celebrating 10 years active on the site since joining (+ your 10)
**Being active means having at least one active IC account going throughout the timeframe. From valoria-lions.com version to now, anything before that we can not properly track **

New Trade Exp

+5 actively watching a fight (Gladiator/Paladin)
+5 losing a fight (Gladiator/Paladin)
+10 seek healing help after a fight (Gladiator/Paladin)
+5 seek healing help (all trades)
* If you have more ideas, please feel free to suggest them!

Pride Disbanding Procedure

Please only challenge/react to a disband after an official announcement has been made. If you see a pride being cleared out or figure it is happening, please wait.

Markings Explained

Staff and the marking team is working on a detailed page for the guidebook that will go over how the markings are priced and some examples. This is taking us some time but we want to let you know that we have taken the input that has been given and you will hopefully see it there.

Rules for Art on site and on Discord

We will be having a solid set of rules for all art on the site and in discord. These will be posted separately. If you have input on what we should be sure to cover please contact Ice.

Somethings we will be putting into place.
Art Rules
→ Site images will be hosted on a proper site. This will take time and as we start moving images, they may show up as broken or something. If that happens we will work on getting it fixed.
→ Please make sure that the image site you are using, allows hosting. Imgur does not allow this. Please adjust as needed.
→ Art thief is not allowed.
→ Moving forward images/lineart will need to have their source credited. If you do not remember where you got it from, try doing a google image search or use tineye.com. This can be added at the bottom of the table used. If your table is already on the site and you remember, please add the credit, if you do not ask the person that made it for you if they know. We are ok if you can't find it but please make an attempt.
→ We strongly suggest sticking to the following sites for your stock images and making sure that you are able to share AND adapt the image. Most of these will allow you to filter your results.
→ Referencing images is okay.
→ Tracing original art is not okay.
→ Tracing free stock images can be used as a learning tool only and may not be submitted for points.
→ Make sure you are following all the rules for any lineart. Do not share it if it is against that artist rules to do so. Do not change the lineart unless the artist has said it is ok to do so.
→ Do not share or use lineart or art that you did not buy from the artist, if you would like the lineart or art please buy it from the artist directly. If you are looking for something to be similar, please take it to DMs. Sharing F2U is fine, we recommend linking directly to the lineart vs sharing the lines.

Studio Rules
→ Do not harass members who make art. Be kind, they are offering their skill for free.
→ Allow others to have a chance to get art in studios. If you have a lot of art for a character, allow others to jump in there.
→ Follow studio rules! If the artist has the rules listed, please follow them. Count slots if you need to.

We will have a warning system outlined and how things will be handled but please start making the needed changes. We hope to have this rolled out fully by the end of the month. This is a heads up.

Change to joining form

The joining form will now need all markings listed out. There will be some other changes as well. Please double check before filling it out!

Site Feedback

This was posted in Discord but we want to remind everyone to take the time to answer the questions. Your feedback is important to us and I hope that you know that we will make changes.

You can claim 50 points by posting a screenshot of the last page after you hit submit.


You do not have to enter your name so please, let us know how you are feeling. We thank all you so much, and look forward to hearing everyone’s ideas and input.

So what are we planning to do with the results? We hope to get a good idea of how everyone is feeling. Common areas that are liked or disliked and make changes based on the feedback given. We will likely have follow up surveys as well to make sure we are on the right track. We have already started to look through those that have been sent in already and make plans for the changes that can be made.

Moderator Applications

We need our members' help in order to keep the site running smoothly, and would love for you to apply. Please feel free to apply even if you're new--we value mod experience and general activity and professionalism above all else. Our mod team works closely with our Senior team on ideas and problems that come up on the site.

Guidelines for Staff
→ You are the face of Val. Be kind and welcoming!
→ Always respect the privacy of members and any problems or issues that are spoken about in the mod channels stay there.
→ Please be active with your staff duties, if you have not done any duties in a month, you will be given a chance to step back up before you may be asked to step down.
→ Always do everyone else's requests before yourself.
→ Do not use your OOC account to update your IC things(pride pages/posts/etc)
→ Please try to stay within the jobs that you have been trained for. If you want to do more, check with an Admin or Senior Mod first.
→ Before starting to work on something, post in the mod chat on discord to let everyone know so no one works on the same things at the same time.
→ You are our eyes in discord, if you see something that isn't going well/causing issues try to shut it down and notify an Admin or Senior Mod. Screenshot if you are able.
→ Always watch for OOC to IC!
→ Be kind to fellow staff.
→ When in doubt, an Admin or Senior Mod can help you!

As an added emphasis, we are looking for activity and initiative in the roles we assign. Valoria is a very busy site and it requires a lot of free time to manage, so please keep that active commitment in mind when applying. You are not alone though and the tasks are shared.

To apply, please fill out the below form and PM it to the Spirits of Valoria account. Applications will close Oct 30! Please see the positions available below:

POINTS MODERATOR: Updates points currency requests and purchases in the Points thread and Trade exp. Keeps updated and accurate points and Class exp logs. Very detail-oriented position. (Need 2+)

UPDATER MODERATOR: Updates Valoria's logs accurately for things like mates, birth logs, fight logs, in-character awards, and absences. Very detail-oriented and requires initiative. (Need 2+)

GAMES MODERATOR: Facilitate site-wide games every month, with precise detail and creativity. Requires initiative. (Need 2+)

[b]OOC name:[/b]
[b]Characters onsite:[/b]
[b]How long have you been a member?:[/b]
[b]How much time each week will you dedicate to a staff job?:[/b]
[b]Please describe past forum staff experience:[/b]
[b]What is the most important thing a RP forum should have?:[/b]
[b]What is your favorite thing about Valoria?:[/b]
[b]Desired position(s): (please give us at least two choices, we work on a primary and secondary system to help spread the work out.)[/b]

Thank you for reading everything and hopefully you feel all caught up, for now.

With love,
Valoria Staff
Please tag a staff member if you are in need of something, it will be handled faster that way. PM this account with herb suggestion, problems, and from the 911 account.
Quick Stats:
Trades: Gladiator / Cleric
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5,040 posts • 2,145,634 points
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10-16-2020, 11:23 AM
A note about our message to older members
It has come up a number of times before and again in the survey that members feel that when the chat turns to old val and old members they feel left out and it causes chat to feel cliquey. We ask this out of respect for all members.

Since it seems that a number of you would still like to do this, we have made a new channel. Please keep all talk about older characters and old val to the back-in-my-day channel.
Please tag a staff member if you are in need of something, it will be handled faster that way. PM this account with herb suggestion, problems, and from the 911 account.

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